The government also required clarifications from two other companies
The company’s revenue haled when compared to the first quarter of 2019
Companies want to promote the use of domestically-produced alternatives
Coal demand from key markets was affected by the coronavirus pandemic
Manufacturers were able to increase production due to this new technique
The newly appointed head is the executive of LafargeHolcim in Spain
The company’s new eco-cement product could lead to a decrease in emissions during concrete production
The production and supply chain has begun to re-establish
The project has been in development since 2018
Export values were lower but the country reached new markets
The material will be used in cement and concrete production
The announcement was made despite the subsidiary’s shortcomings for the current fiscal
The company’s revenue and production costs grew during the quarter
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
The company replaced outdated handling equipment
Top stories from the cement market in the previous week, from new cement plants in…
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
Output grew from the previous month
Demand is expected to reach the lowest level of the past 15 years
Prices at the end of June were lower than at the start of the month
Coal prices slightly changed in two major mining areas
The material has been subject to strength and rigidity tests
Cement demand is expected to grow in the first half of 2020
Shipments of fertilizer grew during this period as well
The companies will continue to partner to reduce emissions of certain substances
China is the largest export market both in terms of volume and value
The pandemic is expected to have a long-term effect on construction
Prices are still weak despite the recovery
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
Cement production also slowed down during the month
This marks the start of shipments under an export contract for Europe
The company has secured all necessary permits
Prices have decreased both in the north and in the south
The new facility will replace existing outdated capacity
The company has also acquired some shares of India’s Ambuja Cement
The company has submitted a request to revise its environmental permit
Only deliveries to the infrastructure sector showed growth during the month
Kuwait Cement and other companies welcomed decision
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
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