The government seeks to support the domestic industry, but warned it against cartelization
Outbound shipments recorded a double-digit decrease in December
Output of construction materials rose year-on-year
The company wants to strengthen its position in the European part of the Russian Federation
Prices for a selection of Egyptian cement brands
The Commission alleges the government's plans would cause 40 million tons of additional emissions
The unit will have a capacity of 4 MTPA
Production of ready-mix concrete and aggregates slipped from 2018
The company strengthened its presence in two regions
The industry's capacity rose over the year
Sibirsky Cement's production rose year-on-year
The equipment will have six silos
Prices for a selection of Egyptian cement brands
Top stories from the previous week, from the projected growth of oil well cement demand,…
About 8 million tons of coal are imported by cement companies every year
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
The city had the largest increase in cement shipments when compared with 2018
The new line focuses on large cement bags
Demand for cement is expected to grow due to a pick-up in construction activity
The company completed the extension of its production site in France
The industry has also increased the use rate of recycled materials in cement production
The company will be supplying cement for government-related infrastructure works in the water system
The new facility will be part of a cluster of non-waste green production
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
The company’s Yekaterinburg branch saw overall increase in cargo transport
Output recorded a double-digit improvement month-on-month
The company alleges it has not received any request from the government to do so
The company’s cement sales increased during the year
The facility was only closed for a few hours on January 22
CW Group, a leading global and multi-industry advisory, research and business intelligence boutique, hosted another…
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
Cement demand in the country is expected to drop in 2020
The company decided to extend some of its recent benefits to customers
Production plummeted over 30% month-on-month
The second stage of the project is expected to be completed in May 2020
Rail shipments recorded a double-digit decline
Construction activities in the region are slowing down
Bohai-Rim Steam-Coal Price Index surpasses CNY 500 per ton
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
Domestic sales inched up when compared with 2018
Export volumes grew when compared with 2018
This is the company’s first supply to Southern India
The company is competing with UltraTech and Ambuja for the assets
The facility is tied to the largest independent cement bulk terminal in the world
Imports fell below 16 million tons in October
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