Consumption in both bags and bulk fell in the first four months of the year
The silos were related to Cementos Portland Valderrivas’ administrative concession
Demand has increased for the fourteenth month in a row
The company is aiming to recuperate some of its lost market share
The new material could help reduce building costs
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
[PAID=]Aswan cement sold for EGP 793 per ton on this day, reports Cement Egypt. Al-suez…
The company, located in Zimbabwe, has been working under its capacity
Importers said local manufacturers are still turning a profit despite the increase in inbound shipments
Both export volumes and domestic sales slumped when compared to May 2018
Demand remained high during the month
The companies offered to provide a discount to the government’s affordable housing program
The company has been growing its capacity in the market
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Production of cement clinker also expanded healthily during the month
Shareholders approved company’s continuation
The plant should be commissioned in Spring 2020
The new plant is expected to be fully operational in the third quarter of 2022
Only three domestic companies saw sales increase in May
The association has refuted previous claims made by Philippine cement manufacturers
The increase in prices in cement is justified due to losses in the industry, they…
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
The greenfield facility could be located in the province of Nghe An
The Commission said the price increase could be due to stronger consolidation in the industry
Clinker imports have been increasing, but exports continue to drop
Construction activity remains strong in first quarter
The government is trying to find a compromise in order to keep building costs low
The government stepped in after the announced price hike
Companies will be forced to terminate their older and smaller lines by 2020
The capacity expansion project had begun in 2017
The company is still lacking one final permit before it can begin production
The company is also eyeing expansion through acquisition of stressed assets and companies
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
The company has already ceased production
Players in the construction market urge government to increase competition
Cement prices have also begun to correct due to sluggish demand
Three companies saw sales increase, but fourteen presented yearly declines
Costs have gone up but companies have not been allowed to increase their prices
The facilities are expected to be used for exports of cement and clinker
Several factors are leading to the increase
The project is for a new cement grinder and clinker lines
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Main exports market include Africa and Maghreb countries
Government is increasing taxes for several important segments of the industry
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