Figures for the third quarter of 2018
Carrot can make the cement mixture stronger and more durable
Uganda's cement market has gone from under to oversupplied this year
Figures for the first nine months of 2018
Region reaches for the national average with double-digit growth in demand
Company is already engaged in importing cement into the country
Results dragged down by surge in costs
Company vows to keep its presence in Greece as it is
Builders to become more reliant on cement bricks
Company's results boosted by tax credit and plant expansion
Evaluation is a step in the process of selling a white cement plant owned by…
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Organization assumes that more cement can be exported from Pakistan to Sri Lanka
Kenyan producer is currently under administration
Agreement includes marketing and distribution of white cement
Plant has accumulated a debt to the Russian state
After three years of growth, domestic demand has started to stagger
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
City responds to level II pollution emergency
Industry invest in dry rotary kiln technology to reduce power and fuel consumption
Chinese producer enjoys higher profit thanks to improvement in prices
Trade Minister acts to "protect the purchasing power of consumers"
Dealers say producers decided to increase factory prices
Company says it is trying to deal with rising inflation and forex shortage
The project is being sponsored by Colacem Canada
Producer is setting new plants in Bihar and Odisha
Higher costs of production and transportation grind down profit
Costs with production, sales, and management grew faster than revenue
Higher revenue and profit but lower EBITDA margin expected
Companies accused of drying up sacred ponds at Katas Raj
Importers say prices could surge in the capital if new duties are imposed
Cement mill will be the largest in Nepal
Several dozen licenses have already been distributed
Builders and distributors were not expecting the hike
CMBI Construction will be responsible for the project
Cement follows growth trend on the construction materials' market
LafargeHolcim CEO spoke before the Foreign Investment Advisory Council
WHR unit is the world largest ever installed on a cement plant
Three factories called for government action against imports
Heavy industries such as cement will be affected
Nick Miller will replace Martin Brydon
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Sales volumes and revenue so far developed within expectations
The equipment is expected to be delivered in 2019
Bruno Pillon from HeidelbergCement will replace Grégoire Douillet from Vicat
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