Trade disputes and a disorderly Brexit could jeopardise growth
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
The new plant is expected to open in 2019
The company’s results improved over 2017
An association tested several types of cement on January 2019
The takeover of Cementir Italia in January 2018 had a positive impact
In 4Q 2018, cement sales volumes fell because of declining quantities in Egypt
Company boosted net income and sales
Mills were produced by Anhui Conch Kawasaki Energy Conservation Equipment Manufacturing
Colombian producer imposed cuts to administration and sales costs
Kuwaiti company registered a profit in 2017
Cement factory depends on pier to bring raw materials in
A government official calls for growth in domestic coal market
The company plans to optimize its portfolio and improve cash generation
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Funds will provide for workers' payments and working capital
Mega-projects are supporting the sector, still dependent on imports
Region is forced to import cement in spite of national surplus
New unit is located in Jaggayyapet Mandai, Krishna District
Efficiency enhancement would allow the sector to retain the gains made in the past years
Company vastly surpassed the market expectations
Global group operates in Georgia under Georgian Cement Company
Countries are embattled over terrorist attack in Kashmir
Country was closed to double-digit growth in dispatches too
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Development of revenue was impaired by negative currency effects
The assets being divested consist of several import terminals
Colombian producer's EBITDA was hurt by lower volume of cement and concrete sales
Production line inaugurated by National Company for Cement
Company improved net sales but registered much lower EBITDA
Structures would be left to erode and blend with the environment
Warning had been made last week by the company's unions
Company has also improved its revenue
Country returned to record-high levels of 2018
New factory to create dozens of new jobs on the enclave
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
The company secured an ash marketing contract with AEP
In 4Q 2018, cement and clinker sales volumes improved by 2%
Sales of cement rose both quarterly and annually
The Leer South longwall coal mining project is located in West Virginia
Company ended 2018 in a positive note
Company blames higher production and financial costs
16-megawatt power plant to ensure more independence from flawed Nigerian power grid
PricewaterhouseCoopers sets February 28 as deadline for binding offers
Factory is located in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Indian manufacturer is refocusing on cement and consumer goods
City has reduced costs and pollution by ditching bagged cement
Demand to grow faster than capacity, boosting utilization rates
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