Market comes from decline in cement consumption in 2017
Cement makers are exempt from ban on petcoke imports
Demand continues to increase in the country as it struggles with lack of consumer confidence
Company created business model arround ground-granulated blast furnace slag
Cement belongs to HeidelbergCement and is located in southern Norway
Figures for April-November 2018
The facility will produce oil-well cement
The now closed facility used to produce white cement
The company will be talking with the local authorities in order to address the supply…
Despite oversupply, companies are adding more capacity
The technology can be retrofitted to an existing plant
The company has acquired a loan from a Jamaican bank
The company has already piloted the material and is awaiting patent approval
Global oil well cement consumption is poised to increase through 2024, with key markets such…
City was hub for laundering coal produced in North Korea
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Higher coal and carbon prices, as well as weather-related issues supported a price hike
Companies’ revenues fell during the quarter
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Prices have reached historical highs as supply declines
The company will build a power facility at its cement plant in Adana
The company wants to grow its current annual production capacity
The company wants to start mining its new quarry
The company operates two cement facilities in the country
Two projects concerning cement were being proposed in the Indian state
The new sales office will concern Cement and Minerals
The company wants to replace limestone use at German mill
Exports to Senegal expanded in January-September
The government has formulated new rules for the installation of cement plants
The activity in the facility is suspended by up to 90 days
The company is expecting a drop in its full year earnings
The Chinese province will also be increasing electricity prices for the industry
The company will be using the waste from the city of Coimbatore as fuel
The Fiji government has issued a set of recommendations for the plant
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
The Nepalan facility was targeted by protesters
The government says that overall coal prices are higher
China's improvement in demand will support global growth
Company develops several projects to be finished until 2020
Indian state failed to attract investors for a new white cement project
Government wants to sell the country's top cement manufacturer
Manufacturer targets brownfield expansion in India and Kenya
Singhi will assume the post previously occupied by Shailendra Chouksey
Industry Vice-Minister confident on self-regulatory capacity of the market
Company controls almost two-thirds of the market
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
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