Exports to China skyrocketed during that period
Lithuanian company has already cut its losses by a fifth in 2017
Sales increase as the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approach
Company cut with financial expenses, boosted production during the semester
Setence from the Super-intendancy of Industry and Commerce was upheld by the State Council
Company's revenue fell faster than its expenses
Japanese company has been operating in the US for 20 years
French group considers new capital injections in Egypt
Conversion will be made at the Raahe slurry mill
Company's EBITDA and margin has also deteriorated
Country has relaxed custom costs on cement imports
Hub in Beni Suef is the largest in the Middle East
Officials from two cement companies were notified to appear on the court
Company imposed strict cost controls achieving a surge in profits
Announcement came after it was known that the Maya railway will reach the city
Association will take over the Cement Sustainability Initiative
Fine was imposed on 10 different cement manufacturers
Less subpar samples found in the country
Obstacles to trade lead to increase in cement prices
Kiln has suffered several breakdowns in the past quarters
Gray cement trade prices recorded an overall improvement in the second quarter of 2018, according…
Lancaster University develops a cement mixture capable of conducting and storing electricity
Dzata Cement will start producing cement by the end of the year
Devt notes are part of a commercial paper program
Company expands capacity for stronger cement grades
Factory will be the largest in Central Asia
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Parent company, GVK Power, is lacking coal supply stability

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The Houston-based firm has an annual capacity of 500,000 tons
The company's daily capacity is set to expand by 7,800 tons
Departments urged to not deal with expansion projects
Madras High Court orders land to be liberated
Australia is currently discussing its National Energy Guarantee
Third consecutive month of rising sales registered in the country
Cement plants will be integrated with other construction material producers
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Country is facing a cement shortage
Unit is located in the Farooqia plant
Company has also improved its revenue
Figures for the second quarter of 2018
Demand fell during the first semester of 2018
Prices remain stable in the southern provinces
Power utilities want Coal India to increase its coal offer
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Chinese cement makers with better financial results in spit of lower sales
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