Imports have seriously harmed local producers
Uganda is increasing capacity, thus relying less on Kenyan imports
Similar measures were taken a few years ago over Pakistani imports
A growing contruction sector will ensure cement production continues to expand
Some manufacturers accuse a company of trying to keep a monopoly
Portland cement output recorded a double-digit increase
The sector prides itself in having the highest per capita capacity in America
Overview of cement prices for select brands
The company is aiming to further increase its market share
The company will be installing a new clinker line and other equipment and facilities
The appointee joined the group in 2016
The company retrieves its position of most capitalized company on the NSE
Prices have been recovering since January
The competitive advantage resides in the production process
Overview of cement prices for select brands
Scientists have transformed fly ash by treating it with stearic acid
Ports and energy sites throughout the country are destocking their high levels of coal
Coal industry’s EBITDA to decline over 3% for the next year
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
The plant’s cement bagging equipment has been commissioned already
Sales expanded month-on-month but fell year-on-year
The company is currently studying the project’s feasibility
The company has more than half of Indonesia’s cement market share
The company recorded no export sales during the month
Ongoing trade disputes between the US and China pressure thermal coal rates
The group entered new coal agreements in order to tackle its production issues
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
The company will be considering exports to grow its profit
The company has been asked to provide a list of its older facilities
The contracts for the projects will be signed soon
Industry stakeholders are expecting demand to continue to surge
Profits also increased year-on-year in 1H2019
Nevertheless, prices are unlikely to return to the levels seen in early 2019
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt on this day
The president said the increase will help finance social housing projects in the country
The company said its cement segment is performing well in the US
The company will be discontinuing its Portland cement product in favor of masonry cement
Construction activity to accelerate on increased government spending in infrastructure
The company has closed one of its oldest production lines as higher costs bite
Top stories from the global cement market in the previous week
Lekima typhoon causing transportation issues in the Bohai sea
Prices for varying brands of cement in Egypt during this day
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