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Mar 2020
Atakay Cement commissions new cement packaging line

The company used to supply cement in bulk  ...


Jan 2020
Researcher develops flash process to convert petcoke into graphene

The high-value material can also be used in cement mixes for concrete production


Jan 2020
New cement plant opens in the Philippines

The facility is tied to the largest independent cement bulk terminal in the world  ...


Jan 2020
Asia Cement launches new brand of bulk cement

The new product uses blast furnace slag


Jan 2020
China wants to continue to increase use of bulk cement

Utilization rates for bulk cement are lower than in Europe and the US  ...


Dec 2019
France: Eqiom tests feasibility of transport of bulk cement in containers

The company is transporting close to 25 containers of bulk cement per week  ...


Dec 2019
Cement prices in Sri Lanka decline

Prices of cement imported in bulk will also be dropping  ...


Dec 2019
Mexico: Prices for bulk cement continue to increase

Companies are accused of not being transparent with contractors


Nov 2019
Masaveu Group inaugurates cement and slag terminal at El Musel port

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to comply with EU's most demanding environmental regulations


Nov 2019
China: cement prices in Henan province reach new record high

The government is not putting up any price increase limit for this year

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