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May 2020
Iskitimcement begins production of new slag cement product

The company received the certification for the product on April 2020


May 2020
Saudi Arabia: Impact on cement sales expected to lift in third quarter

The company resumed operations in April


May 2020
Cembureau wants to achieve net zero emissions by 2050

The organization wants to reduce emissions across the entire cement value chain


Apr 2020
French and U.K researchers use sisal fibers in 3D concrete printing

Scientists utilized fly ash and limestone powder as a binder together with Portland cement


Apr 2020
Loma Negra ceases production of cement in Argentina

The company is obeying the government-imposed quarantine


Mar 2020
Australian researchers develop cement-free concrete

New material uses fly ash in its production process


Feb 2020
Weekly cement market update

Top stories from the previous week, from ACC’s net profit rising by double digits, to Cemex launching a new sustainability strategy


Feb 2020
US: Portland Cement Association launches new educational campaign for cement-based concrete

The Association wants to create awareness of the positive impact of the material in everyday life


Feb 2020
Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua’s net sales rise in 2019

The company’s earnings expanded from 2018


Feb 2020
Cemex launches new sustainability strategy

The company has outlined a new CO2 emission reduction goal for 2030


Feb 2020
UAE to build temple with fly ash concrete

Foundations will not include steel nor ferrous materials


Feb 2020
Kyrgyzstan’s cement production reaches milestone in 2019

Output of concrete during the year exceeded 700,000 tons  ...

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