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Oct 2018
Siberian Cement produces less cement in 9M2018

Slight decrease was caused by lower demand in the Republic of Buryatia  ...


Oct 2018
Cement demand rises in Morocco, September 2018

Demand is still down on a year-to-date basis


Oct 2018
Cement sales rise in Pakistan, September 2018

Sales recover after decrease in July and August  ...


Sep 2018
Can Indian cement demand survive rising production costs?

India’s cement companies have reported a decrease in their margins in the first quarter of the new fiscal year due to several cost constraints. As cement demand is set to grow in the country, can companies ...


Sep 2018
Cement sales fall in Brazil, August 2018

Sales have also decreased in the first eight months of 2018 combined  ...


Sep 2018
Petcoke prices in China hold after decrease

Prices for September 12


Aug 2018
Pakistan exports with show mixed results in 2017-18

Sales increased in volume but decreased in value  ...


Jul 2018
Dangote Cement sales increase in Nigeria, 2Q2018

Outside Nigeria, cement sales decreased for the company  ...

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