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Aug 2018
Finnsementii switches from heavy fuel oil to natural gas

Conversion will be made at the Raahe slurry mill


Aug 2018
Maharashtra, India, discusses plastic-based fuel on cement plants

Plastic waste to be turned into fuel for cement manufacturers  ...


Aug 2018
China to remain dependent on coal

While Beijing pushes measures to reduce coal burning, country remains dependent on the fuel  ...


Aug 2018
Jk Lakshmi Cement posts lower profit, 2Q2018

Company's results were hurt by higher fuel, power prices  ...


Aug 2018
Paraguay: INC forced to halt kiln

Kiln in the Vallemí cement plant halted due to fuel shortage  ...


Jul 2018
Can India replace petcoke with coal?

India is mulling whether or not it will ban the use of petroleum coke as a fuel on a national level, leaving the industries reliant on it to search for other viable options.  ...


Jul 2018
Maharashtra, India cement companies to help with waste plastic disposal

Two factories will burn waste plastic as fuel  ...


Jul 2018
Irish Cement turns to alternative fuel

Company is trying to reduce its carbon emissions


Jul 2018
Whitehaven exports more coal during 2017-18

Maules Creek coal mines set new production record in the past quarter


Jul 2018
Pakistani coal imports pay more for the fuel

Pakistani rupee devaluation, import duties penalize consumers


Jul 2018
Tamil Nadu (India) cement plants to use waste-based alternative fuel

Companies will use alternative fuel made from non-recyclable plastic  ...


Jul 2018
El Nahda cement plant (Egypt) replaces fossil fuel with biomass

Company uses biomass pellets made from sugar byproducts


Jun 2018
Leaders Q&A: Koen Coppenholle

... the European cement industry’s worldwide leading position regarding alternative fuel usage.  ...


Jun 2018
Cement sector in India hurt by coal scarcity

Cement companies forced to buy expensive imported coal


Jun 2018
Fuel prices lead to growing cement costs in Brazil

Connection was stressed by the local Chamber of Construction Industry


Jun 2018
Brazil's construction sector fears impact of fuel costs in cement prices

Fuel costs have already triggered a nationwide truckers' strike very recently  ...

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