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Nov 2018
Lehigh Northeast Cement to use alternative fuel in NY state plant

Company will burn plastic and paper instead of coal and natural gas  ...


Oct 2018
Mexican researchers create cement alternative based on recycled plastic

Two young researchers launch material called polycrete


Oct 2018
Holcim Philippines uses plastic waste as alternative fuel

Company promised to help solving plastic waste problem in the Phillipines  ...


Oct 2018
Dalmia Cement studies replacing coal with plastic waste

Switch would partly solve the plastic waste problem in Meghalaya  ...


Sep 2018
Thiruvananthapuram sees solution for waste problem with cement makers

City has been struggling with accumulating plastic waste  ...


Aug 2018
Maharashtra, India, discusses plastic-based fuel on cement plants

Plastic waste to be turned into fuel for cement manufacturers  ...


Jul 2018
Maharashtra, India cement companies to help with waste plastic disposal

Two factories will burn waste plastic as fuel  ...


Jul 2018
Irish Cement turns to alternative fuel

Company is trying to reduce its carbon emissions


Jul 2018
Tamil Nadu (India) cement plants to use waste-based alternative fuel

Companies will use alternative fuel made from non-recyclable plastic  ...


Jun 2018
Holcim Azerbaijan presents new product

Spesial 400 promises more plasticity and less cracking  ...


Jan 2018
TPI POLENE Cement joins World Cement Association

The organization operates in the cement, construction materials and plastic industries internationally  ...


Nov 2017
Thiruvananthapuram, India considers disposing from plastics in cement plants

The city is negotiating with local cement plants the disposal of non-recyclable waste


Oct 2017
MIT researchers find stronger cement with plastic additives

Plastic is subject to gamma rays before being introduced in production  ...


Oct 2017
US researchers find new way to fortify concrete

Addition of recycled plastic proves effective  ...


Jun 2017
St Marys Cement cultivates algae with captured CO2

Project is producing algae for uses in biofuels, bioplastics, and others  ...


Mar 2017
Scientist from Mali develops greener, cheaper cement

Moussa Thiam works at the University of Ottawa


Dec 2016
Mali may invest in environmentally friendly cement

The new cement is based on sand, gravel and plastic waste  ...


Dec 2016
Senegalese engineer develops cement based on plastic waste

The new material represents a environment-friendly way of disposing wasted plastic  ...


Nov 2016
Moladi – The “model T” of housing

Mr. Hennie Botes, CEO of Moladi, talks about solving the housing problem in developing countries and helping relieving poverty, through the use of a reusable, recyclable, and lightweight plastic formwork ...

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