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Proposal comes at a time when four major local energy groups seek to shut down many coal-fueled plants

Higher overseas purchases, together with low winter demand, caused stockpiles to grow

Transition would require extreme care due to its impact on government relations and local communities

The COAL TeCC Act consists of a dedicated program seeking to advance the research and commercialization of coal-derived carbon assets

School of Energy Resources research could lower emissions generated by coal operations


14 August 2020

US weekly coal production – August 8

Estimated coal production was slightly lower than the previous week

14 August 2020

Coal India solicits 15 percent freight concession from railways

The move is intended to make domestic coal transport more competitive

14 August 2020

China’s benchmark coal price slightly drops week-on-week

Weak purchase demand and growing stocks affected prices

14 August 2020

Geoscience BC develops new coal washing method

The new process does not involve the use of carcinogenic chemicals

14 August 2020

China’s commercial coal consumption for H1 logs year-on-year decline

Non-fossil energy power generation is slowly growing across the country

14 August 2020

Harum Energy releases financial results for H1 of 2020

Its net profits still grew despite drop in revenues

14 August 2020

Cargo turnover at Tuapse Sea Port rises 11.4 percent

Cargo turnover amounted to 7.8 million tons in 1H2020

Anglo American commissions Fenner Dunlop for Aquila coal project
Fenner Dunlop will be responsible for installing a new conveyor system
12 Aug
Coal India adjusts production target for FY 2020-21
Targets were lowered in the wake of coronavirus-related disruptions
12 Aug
Exxaro expects earnings to increase despite coal price pressures
The mining company says it fared well amid South African lockdowns
11 Aug
India’s coal imports decline amid growing stockpiles at pitheads and plants
The coal minister encouraged use of domestic coal supply over imports
11 Aug
Kuzbass’ coal exports contract in H1 of 2020
Low coal prices made product transportation unprofitable
11 Aug
Baltic Dry Index rises 0.33 percent
The Index has reached 1,506 points
11 Aug
NSW commission approves Whitehaven’s Vickery mine expansion project
The project aims to increase annual coal output by twice as much
12 Aug
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