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Coal production has plummeted by a double digit

Rates have fallen over CNY 4 per ton

Coal-fueled energy production declined on the year

New ruling would allow unlined coal ash waste ponds open to remain open for longer periods

Peabody’s North Antelope Rochelle mines generated over 20 million short tons


12 November 2019

Prices in the United States – November 4

Prices remained stable across the nation

12 November 2019

Beijing seeks to transform Thar coal into diesel fuel

Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry has already established similar project in northwestern China

12 November 2019

New autonomous vehicles deployed at Goonyella Riverside

Trucks are expected to be operational during 1H2020

12 November 2019

Singareni Collieries’ Kakatiya Khani opencast mine operations delayed

Mining project was set to begin during the present fiscal

12 November 2019

Coal producers in the U.S invest in new mines

Arch Coal and Consol Energy to open new sites for met coal digging

12 November 2019

Indian coal imports decline in April-October

Coking coal handling rose, while that of thermal coal fell

12 November 2019

Coal imports increase in Vietnam

Growth was supported by local demand

Chinese base price for coal-fueled energy still declining
The Bohai-Rim Steam-Coal Price Index has suffered another weekly decrease
11 Nov
Zimbabwe to use coal in diesel production
First feasibility study already underway
11 Nov
China limits its annual coal import volumes
Imports nearly reached 280 million tons over the first ten months of the year
11 Nov
Energy prices in Europe to grow by 2025 due to coal phase-out
Germany to become more reliant on imports due to the closure of coal-fired sites
11 Nov
Corsa Coal’s revenues decline in 3Q2019
Company’s met coal sales decreased on the year
11 Nov
New Mangalore Port Trust commences mechanizes coal handling operations
New technology will increase productivity and lower vessel turnaround times
11 Nov
  • Concrete superplasticizers: world industry market and outlook

    The report provides an in-depth assessment and market size forecast for the global concrete market and its sub-segments, including SNF, SMF, MLF, PD and others.

  • Uganda cement market

    A comprehensive review of the dynamic cement market in Uganda.

  • Acrylic resin market industry report and outlook

    Acrylic resins are synthetic polymers primarily derived from acrylic acids. Acrylic resins find applications in paints and coatings, industrial and commercial, paper and paperboard, textiles and adhesives, construction and others due to its property of being solvent in water and oil as well. The scope of the report consists of studying the overall market trend and the challenges faced by the market. The report will segment the global market of acrylic resin on the basis of product type, solvency, property, applications and by geography in terms of revenues, and in volumes.

    The report breaks down the Acrylic Resin Market:

    • By type, by solvency, and by property
    • Application: paints and coatings, industrial and commercial, paper and paperboard, textiles and adhesives, construction and others,
    • Geography: Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and ROW


    Table of contents:

    1. Industry overview
    2. Market dynamics
      1. Value chain analysis
      2. Market drivers, restrains and opportunities
      3. Industry challenges
    3. Research Methodology
      1. Market Size
      2. Key data points from primary sources
      3. Key data points from secondary sources
    4. Uses of acrylic Resin and its Types – An overview
    5. Executive Summary
    6. Global Demand of Phenolic Resin
      1. By Type
        1. Methacrylates
        2. Acrylates
        3. Hybrids
      2. By Solvency
        1. Water Solvent
        2. Oil Solvent
      3. By Property
        1. Thermoplastic
        2. Thermosetting
      4. By Application
        1. Wood Adhesives
        2. Molding
        3. Laminates
        4. Insulation
        5. Others
      5. By Region
        1. Asia-Pacific
        2. Europe
        3. North America
        4. Rest of World
    7. Manufacturing process of Rubber (Natural & Synthetic)
    8. Competitive Landscape
      1. Introduction
      2. Acrylic Resin Market Major Developments
    9. Company Profile
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