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Proposal comes at a time when four major local energy groups seek to shut down many coal-fueled plants

Higher overseas purchases, together with low winter demand, caused stockpiles to grow

Transition would require extreme care due to its impact on government relations and local communities

The COAL TeCC Act consists of a dedicated program seeking to advance the research and commercialization of coal-derived carbon assets

School of Energy Resources research could lower emissions generated by coal operations


04 June 2020

Russia allegedly facilitating closure of coal mines in Donbas

Production of coal in the occupied territories are said to have decreased in January-April

04 June 2020

Macmahon Holdings to expand operations at Byerwen mine

The company has secured an extension of its contract until 2023

04 June 2020

Hargreaves Services ceasing coal mining operations by July

The company expects to incur exceptional costs due to this decision

04 June 2020

BelAZ automated trucks being trialed at Russian coal mine

The trucks are driven through the use of 5G technology

04 June 2020

China: Clean coal projects left out of list of eligibility for green bonds

The country has updated the previous list published in 2015

04 June 2020

Coal India’s fuel allocation for non-power sector surges in April

The company did not allocate any fuel for this sector in March

03 June 2020

Northern Railway loadings fall in January-May

Handlings of coal grew while construction cargo contracted

Yancoal aims to increase production
The company’s coal production increased in 2019
 1 Jun
Australia’s coal exports to China skyrocket in May
Prices reached their lowest since January 2016
 3 Jun
India removes ash cap on coal used in thermal power stations
Companies will still be required to meet emission standards
 1 Jun
New Hope to be hit by declining coal prices
Global coal demand has been hit by the coronavirus pandemic
 3 Jun
Uniper’s new coal plant begins operations on May 30
The plant was granted an exemption from Germany’s plan to exit coal operations
 1 Jun
Russian Railways’ loadings fall in January-May
Loadings of coal and cement dropped during this period
 1 Jun
China: Shanxi to halve coal-washing capacity by September
The province will continue to require coal to be washed before use
 3 Jun
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