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Proposal comes at a time when four major local energy groups seek to shut down many coal-fueled plants

Higher overseas purchases, together with low winter demand, caused stockpiles to grow

Transition would require extreme care due to its impact on government relations and local communities

The COAL TeCC Act consists of a dedicated program seeking to advance the research and commercialization of coal-derived carbon assets

School of Energy Resources research could lower emissions generated by coal operations


26 February 2020

India: Future coal block owners ask for auction thresholds cut

Initiative seeks to attract visible bids

26 February 2020

Perenti’s surface subgroup extends contract with Boggabri Coal

New work expands across 10 different projects

26 February 2020

Ukrainian president supports nationwide guaranteed coal market

Coal production volumes surpass the nation’s current sales levels

26 February 2020

Coal trading at northwest Europe’s two main ports declines in 2019

Dutch and German coal-fueled generation falls as countries focus on renewables

26 February 2020

JP Morgan Chase to phase out support for coal projects

Company will increase support to more sustainable projects

26 February 2020

Stanmore's net profit after tax surges in 1HFY2020

Average sell price for both thermal and metallurgical coal declined on the year

26 February 2020

India’s NLC seeks to enhance its energy output capacity

Company has targeted over 120 million tons of coal and lignite manufacture by 2025

Energy costs in Australia to decrease by 2022
Morrison government invests in low emissions coal site at Collinsville
24 Feb
Coking coal operations to restart at Mongolian-Chinese border
Border reopening may prove insufficient to relieve seaborne coking coal prices
24 Feb
Indonesia: New shipping regulation to curb coal exports
Coal exporters will be required to use local vessels only
24 Feb
Anglo Pacific to no longer invest in thermal coal
Company seeks to pursue more environmentally-friendly alternatives
24 Feb
24 Feb
Warrior Met Coal starts development of new coking coal project
Site will have the capacity to generate over four million short tons of met coal over the first ten
26 Feb
Prices in the United States – February 24
Prices remained stable across the nation
25 Feb
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