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More than 10 gigawatts of coal-fueled power were retired last year

Coal ministry offering over 80 mines with more than 20 million tons of identified reserves

Eskom forced to schedule power cuts across the country

E.U diplomats had feared the proposal would be a coal phase-out initiative

The country generated over 1.50 billion tons of coal last year


22 January 2020

BHP expects to close FY20 with strong results

Met coal production surpassed 10 million tons in December

22 January 2020

Chinese coal imports set to grow in January 2020

December imports topped 2 million tons

22 January 2020

Chinese benchmark power coal price rises

Bohai-Rim Steam-Coal Price Index surpasses CNY 500 per ton

22 January 2020

India’s coal capacity grows in 2019

Coal-fueled capacity amounted to almost half of the total new power generation capacity

22 January 2020

Mechel to no longer repurchase Elga coal mine stake

Company had sold nearly half of the project to Gazprombank in 2016

22 January 2020

Wyoming and Montana urge Supreme Court to rule on coal export port facility denial

Lighthouse Resources sought to establish a new bulk terminal in Washington

22 January 2020

Indonesia’s largest coal-fueled power plant commences operations

Project represents an investment of over USD 1 billion

Bangladesh seeks Australia’s support in new coal-fueled plants project
Nation plans to develop nearly 30 new energy units over the next two decades
20 Jan
Russian Coal’s output rises in 2019
Production grew almost 2 million tons
20 Jan
Indonesia establishes stricter coal export rules
New policies expected to significantly impact the global market
20 Jan
Coal imports into India fall for three consecutive months
Imports fell below 16 million tons in October
21 Jan
Thermal coal prices to rise in 2020
Tighter oversupply will drive prices up
20 Jan
Chinese coking coal futures reach four-month high
Prices grow as mines cease production ahead of holidays
20 Jan
Sunflower Electric to close down coal-fueled units in Kansas
Company will no longer pursue the Holcomb Expansion Project
20 Jan
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