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The country is setting third-generation reactors

Carbon dioxide levels are falling thanks to the cut

Distressed Medupi coal-fired power plant gets extra funding

Uncertainty over Beijing's policies persists


18 April 2019

NTPC slows down new coal-fired power projects

Net additions were minor during 2018-19

18 April 2019

Indonesia coal mines may have received funds from IFC

Institution supposedly banned investment in coal mining in 2013

18 April 2019

UK sets new coal-free power generation hours record

Record was broken by a large margin

18 April 2019

Sindh, Pakistan, accelerates coal production

Two new coal-fired power units will be set in the Thar region

18 April 2019

Puerto Rico phases-out coal by 2020

Announcement was made by Governor Ricardo Rosselló

18 April 2019

Bounty Mining boosts coal output at Cook colliery

Production reached record levels in the first quarter of 2018

18 April 2019

EPBiH (Bosnia and Herzegovina) launches tender for surplus power

Company generates power through hydro and coal

Outlook on Newcastle coal prices downgraded over bearish sentiment
Average prices now expected to be lower in 2019 and 2020
16 Apr
Coal India picks Project and Development India for coal-to-methanol project engineering
Project and Development India and MN Dastur & Co were the two contenders of the tender
15 Apr
Thermal coal prices tank across the world
Several factors contributing to collapse on coal prices
15 Apr
16 Apr
DoE distributes funds for future coal technology
US federal agency is looking for near-zero carbon technologies for the coal sector
16 Apr
UK sets new coal-free power generation hours record
Record was broken by a large margin
18 Apr
Coal production in the US, March 31-April 6
Coal production rose w-o-w, fell y-o-y
16 Apr
  • Cement Market Report: Colombia (forecast through 2023)

    The CW Group Research report provides an extensive and data-oriented analysis of the cement market in Colombia.

    Colombia cement market report discusses competitive market dynamics, cement plants mapping and cement trade flows to give the reader a full view of the strategic dynamics in the country. Demand volumes are projected through 2018 and the following five years.

    The report is grounded in a review of the construction sector in Colombia as well as demand drivers affecting the industry.

  • Angola cement market

    As Angola continues to modernize and expand its railways, roads and dams, the housing program, initially launched in 2008 as a pre-election incentive, is expected to take off more vigorously and lead both construction and cement sectors to new highs.

  • Vietnam cement market & forecast

    The report covers the cement industry in Vietnam with a view on supply-demand trends and developments in the country, trade flows, new plant projects as well as an overview of the construction market.

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