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Proposal comes at a time when four major local energy groups seek to shut down many coal-fueled plants

Higher overseas purchases, together with low winter demand, caused stockpiles to grow

Transition would require extreme care due to its impact on government relations and local communities

The COAL TeCC Act consists of a dedicated program seeking to advance the research and commercialization of coal-derived carbon assets

School of Energy Resources research could lower emissions generated by coal operations


28 May 2020

Russia’s KRU purchases new mining shovel for its Bachatsky coal mine

New equipment is more reliable and safer to operate

28 May 2020

Development of Polish coal facility temporarily stopped

New co-owner has no interest in coal-fueled projects

28 May 2020

Over 8 thousand megawatts of coal power added to India’s portfolio in 2019

Thermal sector pressured by high volumes of non-performing assets

28 May 2020

Peabody to temporarily close its Wambo underground thermal coal mine

Company has faced reduced sales due to the softer economic activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

28 May 2020

Australia’s deputy PM concerned over attempts to scale down coal imports

Nation seeks to favor domestic production instead

28 May 2020

Commercial coal mining could reduce India's import spending, Crisil says

Cabinet approved liberalization of coal mining by removing eligibility conditions for the private se

28 May 2020

Russian Railways’ cargo grows in April

Most of the cargo shipped during this period was coal

Sev.en Energy acquires share in Corsa Coal
Steel production significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
26 May
Government to not privatize Coal India, Minister of Coal says
Over INR 40 thousand crores will be invested to establish infrastructure facilities for the group
25 May
Terracom to acquire remainder of Universal Coal shares
Company has urged its shareholders to exercise their sell-out rights as early as possible due to COV
25 May
Eskom to delay coal-fueled plant closures
Company seeks to keep the facilities running until at least 2030
25 May
Norway: GPFG fund removes coal companies due to their overreliance on the fossil fuel
Losing its support may have significant implications for these groups
25 May
Indian government seeks to end coal imports for blending in 2020/21
Coal India has been urged to develop a deal with energy companies regarding the domestic supply of c
26 May
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