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Proposal comes at a time when four major local energy groups seek to shut down many coal-fueled plants

Higher overseas purchases, together with low winter demand, caused stockpiles to grow

Transition would require extreme care due to its impact on government relations and local communities

The COAL TeCC Act consists of a dedicated program seeking to advance the research and commercialization of coal-derived carbon assets

School of Energy Resources research could lower emissions generated by coal operations


03 July 2020

Indonesia’s coal benchmark price in July hits all time low

Coal demand from key markets was affected by the coronavirus pandemic

03 July 2020

Japan to consider legal measures to intensify coal plant closures

Government aims to shut down inefficient coal plants by 2030

03 July 2020

Germany’s coal imports remain crucial amid government crackdown on the fossil fuel

Coal still accounts for a quarter of the country’s total energy production

03 July 2020

Weak coal prices force Indonesian miners to trim millions of tons in production

The country prepares for further decline in coal demand and exports

03 July 2020

Britain used less than 1 percent of coal in electricity generation from April to June

Coal resources were replaced by other renewable sources

03 July 2020

Spanish operating companies to shut down coal-fired power plants

Market changes and environmental penalties made the plants unprofitable

03 July 2020

Baltic Dry Freight Cost Index

The index has gone up 0.22 percent

Coal prices in the United States – June 26
Coal prices slightly changed in two major mining areas
30 Jun
US’ largest coal plant to close one unit by 2022
The closure is caused by a shift to natural gases
30 Jun
CIL to shift towards mechanized transport system for 14 new projects
The system will help improve coal transport efficiency
30 Jun
CIL’s Northern Coalfields to expand its operations
The company is planning to invest in equipment and infrastructures
 1 Jul
US Energy Department to invest over USD 100 million for coal innovation
The country wants to boost the declining coal industry
 1 Jul
Private companies could develop coal mines in India by March 2021
The coal minister is looking at 15 million tonnes of production by March-end
 2 Jul
Coal India’s net profit falls in January-March
Profits declined by 23 percent compared to the previous year
 1 Jul
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