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Coal production has plummeted by a double digit

Rates have fallen over CNY 4 per ton

Coal-fueled energy production declined on the year

New ruling would allow unlined coal ash waste ponds open to remain open for longer periods

Peabody’s North Antelope Rochelle mines generated over 20 million short tons


11 November 2019

SRP struck with capital claim for the early shut down of the Kayenta coal mine

Company will be refuting part of the expanses

11 November 2019

Centre unlikely to concede Odisha’s coal royalties request

Company as lost large capital sums due to the non-revision of mineral royalties

11 November 2019

Energy prices in Europe to grow by 2025 due to coal phase-out

Germany to become more reliant on imports due to the closure of coal-fired sites

11 November 2019

Corsa Coal’s revenues decline in 3Q2019

Company’s met coal sales decreased on the year

11 November 2019

Chinese base price for coal-fueled energy still declining

The Bohai-Rim Steam-Coal Price Index has suffered another weekly decrease

11 November 2019

Zimbabwe to use coal in diesel production

First feasibility study already underway

11 November 2019

China limits its annual coal import volumes

Imports nearly reached 280 million tons over the first ten months of the year

Mahanadi Coalfields to develop new railway project
Company finished 2018/18 with an output of over 140 million tons
 8 Nov
Asian coal prices decline amid high stock volumes
Chinese coastal power plant inventories climbed to nearly 100 million tons
 8 Nov
Jagannathpur B coal mine acquired by Powerplus Traders
Site was acquired at a bidding price of over INR 180 per ton
 8 Nov
China’s low coal demand pressures coal prices in Asia
Country’s October imports set to surpass 20 million tons
 8 Nov
Decmil to operate at Adani’s Carmichael site
Group has been awarded two packages worth over AUD 40 million
 8 Nov
Hidili Industry International’s coal production grows in October
Company’s coal generation climbed over 230 million tons
 8 Nov
 8 Nov
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