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The API 2 front-quarter contract was seen last at marginally over USD 60 per ton

Newcastle index has fallen over USD 0.70 on the week

Core industries pressured by the nation’s economic slowdown

Company has suffered impairments of over USD 3 million

Cement cargo rose year-on-year


11 December 2019

Coal consumption in Portugal hits 9-year record low in September

In August, the country had already recorded 19 consecutive days without coal-power generation

11 December 2019

South Africa: Persistent rain threatens power supply over the weekend

Eskom is increasing load shedding

11 December 2019

Australia's opposition leader against stopping coal exports to curb emissions

Nation exported over 200 million tons of coal in 2018, according to a government report

11 December 2019

Japan continues to support coal operations in developing countries

Government deems it the most cost-effective energy production solution

11 December 2019

Coal inventories at European ports reach 9-month low

Total stocks at four ARA dry bulk terminals fell below 7 million tons

11 December 2019

Indian coal-fueled energy production declines in November

Low demand forces utilities to reduce offtake from its most expensive plants

11 December 2019

Ukraine’s coal imports grow marginally in January-November

Coal import costs fell below USD 2.60 billion

Coal India opens contracted fuel supply to independent power producers
The measure will enable small players to slash production costs, making them more competitive
 9 Dec
India sets eyes on Arctic-INSTC corridor exploration
Nation plans to develop Arctic Region’s infrastructure, shipping and mineral mining operations
 9 Dec
India's government to set up country's first Syngas plant
New unit to be developed by combining coal with high ash content and petcoke
 9 Dec
Germany to schedule formal vote for coal exit compensation
The government plans to stop coal-fueled energy production by 2038
 9 Dec
Hidili Industry’s raw coal production surges over 30% in November
The company experienced a quite positive month
 9 Dec
Menar reaffirms offer to Eskom
The public-owned company’s debt had surpassed ZAR 450 million in September
 9 Dec
China’s coal imports decline in November
Imports recorded a double-digit contraction
 9 Dec
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