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Lekima typhoon causing transportation issues in the Bohai sea

However, energy generation has risen for the third month in a row

Government to sell its part in nearly 100 state utilities

Over 12 thousand megawatts of power are to be generated throughout the nation

Reserves in Taymyr hold approximately 5.7 billion tons of coal


23 August 2019

Port Qasim coal handling increases year on year

New shipping legislation was introduced granting tax exemption for import ships

23 August 2019

India’s coal investments plunge in 2017-18

Only 5 power projects received loan permits last year

23 August 2019

New equipment boosts production at Stepnoy Pit

Shovels and dump trucks productivity is up by 15%

23 August 2019

Thyssenkrupp to supply equipment for new Lavna Port coal terminal

New facility is expected to handle 18 million tons of coal annually

23 August 2019

Construction date for CIIDG’s new coal-powered plant still undefined

The project has received the Council of Ministers of Cambodia approval in May last year

23 August 2019

SUEK acquires new equipment for Zarechny open-pit coal site

Investments for the mine in 2019 will surpass USD 30 million

23 August 2019

Production in US – August 10-17

Output slipped annually

China invests in more environmentally-friendly coal projects in 1H2019
The country approved 141 million tons of new coal mining projects during the first six months of the
21 Aug
Eskom’s coal prices to increase during FY2019
The group entered new coal agreements in order to tackle its production issues
21 Aug
India’s coal production to grow in 2019
Over 45 million tons of coal are expected to be produced from auctioned mines
21 Aug
India’s coal-fired generation to surge 50% by 2030
The growing trend will be dependent on state support
21 Aug
UBS lowers its thermal coal price expectations
Ongoing trade disputes between the US and China pressure thermal coal rates
21 Aug
Sale of Cloud Peak Energy’s mine approved
Navajo Transitional Energy will take charge of the company’s debts
21 Aug
Thermal coal value to increase in Australia
Nevertheless, prices are unlikely to return to the levels seen in early 2019
20 Aug
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