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Market trends in the country seem to be favoring LNG over coal

Country expected to curb imports if local prices were to increase

Low demand for the fossil fuel to cause a drop in international sales

Domestic coal demand and prices to remain stable for the remainder of 2019

Company seeks support to work with more sustainable energy sources


15 July 2019

Chinese coal imports drop amid high domestic production

Coal miners increase production ahead of summer time needs

15 July 2019

Lower coal prices to not affect Whitehaven

The company's coal rate was above the benchmark price

15 July 2019

Coal prices to decline in 2019

Moves to more renewable energies are affecting coal sales

15 July 2019

EMBA purchases coal silos for its Hunutlu Plant

ESI Eurosilo will supply the new equipment

15 July 2019

Powder River Basin to take the most damage from declining coal demand in US

Power plants across the country are under pressure due to low demand

15 July 2019

India’s coal-powered thermal capacity to remain low for the next year

Lack of new investments keeps the country’s coal-based output at a standstill

15 July 2019

Indian government reducing stakes in key companies, including Coal India

This is the country's biggest step towards privatization in over 20 years

BHP seeks to remove itself from thermal coal
Company has no interest in further investing in the fossil fuel
12 Jul
Production in US – June 29 to July 6
Output recorded an annual drop
12 Jul
DB Breweries Timaru plant to distance itself from coal
The company already has a sustainable alternative source in mind
12 Jul
Coal production at Whitehaven exceeds expectations
Run-of-mine coal production recorded a double-digit improvement
12 Jul
Queensland’s coal exports hit record levels
State managed to reach peak exports during June this year
12 Jul
India's Reliance restructures Samalkot project loan
Company changes the payment method for the Andhra Pradesh project
12 Jul
NTPC to increase energy production at Dulanga coal site
Company to raise coal manufacture at the Odisha site
12 Jul
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