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More than 10 gigawatts of coal-fueled power were retired last year

Coal ministry offering over 80 mines with more than 20 million tons of identified reserves

Eskom forced to schedule power cuts across the country

E.U diplomats had feared the proposal would be a coal phase-out initiative

The country generated over 1.50 billion tons of coal last year


20 January 2020

Thermal coal prices to rise in 2020

Tighter oversupply will drive prices up

20 January 2020

Chinese coking coal futures reach four-month high

Prices grow as mines cease production ahead of holidays

20 January 2020

Russian Coal’s output rises in 2019

Production grew almost 2 million tons

20 January 2020

Russia: Sayano-Partizansky production grows in 2019

Over 1 million tons of coal had been mined by the end of the year

20 January 2020

Bangladesh seeks Australia’s support in new coal-fueled plants project

Nation plans to develop nearly 30 new energy units over the next two decades

20 January 2020

Sunflower Electric to close down coal-fueled units in Kansas

Company will no longer pursue the Holcomb Expansion Project

20 January 2020

Mongolia’s coal exports surpass 30 million tons in 2019

Coal accounts for nearly half of the nation’s total exports

Whitehaven’s production tanks over 50% in December quarter
RoM coal output barely surpassed 3 million tons
17 Jan
South32 reduces South African coal production estimates
A nearly 30-million-ton production was initially expected
17 Jan
Production in the U.S – January 4 - 11
Output continues to decline
17 Jan
Mining production still decreasing in South Africa
Coal was one of the main contributors for the country’s reduced mining generation
17 Jan
Germany seeks to completely eliminate coal by 2038
Plant operators will receive compensation when turning off their facilities
17 Jan
Germany's coal imports decline by double digits in 2019
Imports fell on increased competition from renewables and gas
17 Jan
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