The company’s profit and net worth also increased in FY 2019-20
The company is planning to invest in equipment and infrastructures
Profits declined by 23 percent compared to the previous year
Coal is also seen as an essential resource for services and energy security
The representatives of the terminal claimed for compensation of invested infrastructure and equipment
Installation of two coke battery units is delayed due to transport difficulties
Coal prices and exports however, are expected to decline
The closure is caused by a shift to natural gases
Coal prices slightly changed in two major mining areas
This year’s allocation is five times more compared to the corresponding period in 2019
The country also plans to reduce the number of its coal mines
The growth is attributed to easing of lockdown measures and reopening of businesses
The new mines have a combined annual capacity of millions of tonnes
The new investment will help increase output of commercial products
CIL remains confident of company’s profits despite unions’ opposition to private competition
China’s largest methanol plant quickly hit full rates with the help of the British company
The proposed budget will serve as compensation for utilities affected by their coal phase out…
The mining company is expecting lower coal output and sales volumes
Lower demands may cause a serious impact on their coal production
Estimated coal production was slightly higher than the previous week
Company officials remain positive that they can withstand private competition
The government shares its plans for the rehabilitation of Latrobe Valley’s coal mines
Coal supply numbers significantly declined compared to the previous year
The coalfield is expected to be a valuable asset for the company
R-Power maintained a strong operating performance despite the global crisis
The government, however, also excluded certain areas from future coal exploration
Mine operations are not expected to resume within the year
The company refuses to go for long-term borrowing by issuing bonds
Total coal exports in 2019 reached hundreds of millions
India’s coal reserves are now estimated at 155.6 billion tonnes
Sources revealed that BHP already hired firms to facilitate the sale
This new information raises questions about China’s commitment to cut on fossil fuels
The vessel will reach its compulsory scrap age limit by the end of the year
The import quotas may be putting pressure on premium hard coking coal prices
Coal India supports the government’s move to allow commercial coal mining
The proposal aims to facilitate efficient investment decisions for the coal industry
Coal prices remained stable across the nation
Officials say the pandemic situation in Polish coal mines is under control
The company produces steel from converted high ash coal
The company built an alternative rail route to the port’s transport hub following the collapse…
The project aims to encourage domestic coal consumption in India
Coal India’s subsidiary lays out its investment plan in Odisha
Audit services are for the UK Anzherskaya-Yuzhnaya coal mine
Forests around these coal blocks are considered part of the Lemru elephant reserve in India
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