Growing coal demand led to new allocated import quotas in some regions
Recovery in the global steel industry helped improve coal prices
The project is included in the regional priority list adopted by the Prime Minister
The move aims to reduce coal costs and help with CIL’s production targets
Metallurgical products on the other hand, recorded an increase
Meanwhile, coal transaction prices for October went up
Pingshu Railway is currently under construction for a special line project
However, its September coal production and exports logged increases
The absence of a normatively fixed concept introduced uncertainty in the assessment by the regulatory…
Estimated coal production improved compared to the previous week
The achievement came after it refined the mining process at Blair Athol
The proposal aims to ensure competition and efficiency in the industry
Results recovered after suffering heavy hits in the second quarter
Spot prices rose significantly before China’s National Day holiday
January-September overall volumes, however, registered an annual increase
The gap between Newcastle and Qinhuangdao thermal coal rates is very wide
The company is confident of meeting increased coal demand
All coal shipments were bound for Asian markets
The company’s run-of-mine production also grew year-on-year
Its coal sales during the said months also declined....
The requests came amid reports of China calling for a halt on Australian imports
The country’s coking coal output is not enough to meet the steel industry’s needs
The country ramped up its shipments to the Middle East, Africa and Europe
The deferrals come amid reports that China has stopped taking shipments of Australian coal
Coal imported from the Russian Federation accounted for 60 percent of total coal imports
Prices were maintained across the nation
The environmental move may become imperative for coal’s survival
The power utility is in talks with local and international finance institutions
Its shipments to the east, however, registered an increase
Weak market conditions slowed down coal production
The optimistic outlook comes in the wake of China’s economic recovery
Insufficient domestic coal output contributed to a sharp increase in imports
Its coal exports in this year’s first half already exceeded 2019 volumes
Iron ore, copper, oil and soybeans imports rose in the month, while coal volumes dropped
Multiple media outlets reported Beijing has imposed a ban on Australian coal amid political tensions
China is an economically important export market for Australia
The company currently has 10 open-cast mining projects in operation
The move aims to attract bank financing for green projects
Demand also increased with the arrival of La Niña weather
Thanks to the recovery of Newcastle thermal coal prices, the company expects growth
News about China possibly relaxing its import quotas are also circulating
Increased demand post-holiday lifted spot prices in China
The sea coal terminal is located on the basis of the Syradasay coal deposit
The platform will support visits, conferences and environmental discussions
EU’s biggest coking coal producer is planning to exit thermal coal production
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