Company bought just a fraction of the coal it requested in the market
Divestment will compensate failed sale of Air India
Coal-fired power generation among the plans of the administration
The unique system promises to boost domestic coal use on the steel sector
Port sets new daily coal throughput record
Coal from the project revealed to be premium hard coking coal quality
Possibility emerges as trade war between the two countries continues
Imports reached 11-year high
Regional budget to be affected by the company’s decision
Lack of confidence on future demand may actually support prices by driving done investment
Grant Quasha will "pursue another opportunity"
Cheaper electricity will be dispatched earlier
Conclusion comes from BP's report on global energy production
Coal inventory grows together with power demand and coal burning
Company will close its five coal-fired power plants until 2040
Miner wants to achieve substantial increase in EBITDA and net earnings for FY2019
Coal will be used on its Spurlock power station
Coal imports have also increased in the first five months of the year combined
Dry bulk cargo transshipment expanded year-on-year
Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures
State is preparing for higher demand during the paddy season
Russia offered Mongolia a discount on coal transportation via railway
Exports increase in the three ports of the region
The Netherlands remain main port of entrance for coal imported by the EU
Complex is the last coal-fired power plant in Saginaw Bay
Miners speed up production ahead of summer
System will be used to avoid coal stealing and assert standards
Country wants to reduce import dependence by using large coal deposits
Throughput increased significantly compared to April
Problems in coal freighting in Queensland boost prices
Exports are projected to decline
Production also fell during the first five months of 2018
Coal exports rose month-on-month and year-on-year
Strong demand boost prices to six-year high
Delhi-based company was accused of inflating the price of imported Indonesian coal
State is studying the best way of developing the block
Karo Mining is involved in several mining sectors, including coal
Local banks unable to provide enough funds
Project was being contested by a group of local residents
Inder Jit Singh will replace Anil Mukim
Thermal and metallurgical coal exports rose year-on-year
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