Production rose w-o-w while falling y-o-y
New terminal will serve small- and mid-size coal miners
Terminal will be financed by the Black Sea Trade and Development Bank
Coal represented important slice of overall cargo handled last Monday
24- and 48-hour stoppages on Aurizon's coal services to delay exports
Power plants in Tennessee and Kentucky earmarked for closure
Company settled debt with Gulf Oil Lubricants India
Power utility will still operate the West Burton A coal-fired power plant
Company's higher production costs offset by raising prices
President Joko Widodo, posed to be reelected, will likely pursue the construction of new coal-fired…
The Leer South coal project will use the longwall method
Prices fall back to 2017 levels in Europe and Asia-Pacific
Prices hit 10-month low amid lack of demand in the Chinese market
Coal cargoes grew faster than overall throughput
In spite of calls to use domestic coal, even NTPC is importing the commodity
Subsidiary is setting a coal-to-power project in Madagascar
Results supported by increase in coking coal production
Over three-quarters of all coal-fired power generation capacity have been fitted with the technology
Figures are distorted by Lunar New Year festivities and custom barriers imposed in late 2018
Coal gasification to produce fuel would make the country less vulnerable to sanctions
Imports increased by more than threefold compared to December 2018
Prices hit 21-month low in the continent
Estimates by the Energy Information Administration
Rapid transformation between 2012 and 2017 slashes emissions of SO2 and NOx
Company's profit surpassed the market consensus
Advancement is part of its coal-bed methane project
Costs with Kusile and Medupi coal-fired power pile up
Company's production rose slightly during the period
Environmental questions brought over China's financing of coal-fired power projects in Pakistan
Coal and CO2 emission allowances responsible for lower electricity rates
Dry bulk cargo volumes remained in line with volumes in January 2018
Prices remained unchanged across the nation
Dispatches from Australia, Indonesia, and Canada surged during the month
Figures by the Energy Information Administration
Coal resurgence supports growth in cargo handling
Small-scale generator will power the University of Alaska Fairbanks
Company's production and sales surged in the last semester
US President tries to protect coal-fired power unit in Muhlenberg, Kentucky
Company expects production in line with 2018 figures
Country depends on coal for over three-quarters of the electricity it generates
Exports were supported by demand from India and China
Future of the plant may be on conversion to biomass
Production declined both y-o-y and w-o-w
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