Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures
Indian power plants stand to benefit from cheaper Indonesian coal
Halt on oil exploration led some to wait for a similar policy for coal
Company is searching for alternative fuel sources amid coal shortage
Coal was acquired from Glencore's Australian unit
Constrain in Australian exports leads to higher demand for US coking coal
Figures for the first quarter of 2018 compared with the last quarter of 2017
By planning ahead, the miner hopes to provide better intel to power producers
Ministry of Coal appeals for power utilities to properly stock their inventories
Deal between GFG Alliance and Glencore approved by the New South Wales state gov't
Company wrote a letter to the state governor asking for "elegant solution"
Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Indonesia will be exempt from the measure for five years
Company searches for coal deliveries between 2018 and 2020
Black ownership rules are major factor in the decision
Statement was made during Parliament hearing of its executives
Coal output fell both y-o-y and w-o-w
Insurer will abandon holdings in the coal sector during the next months
Figures from the US Energy Information Administration
Company benefited from high plant load factor
Japanese and Korean banks are also in the consortium
Company is shifting non-pithead power plants to peak market
Suresh Kumar will likely replace Gopal Singh
Figures for July 2017 - March 2018
Project located in Tete, Mozambique received several EPC and O&M proposals
Company entered the Powering Past Coal Alliance
Share of high calorific value coal on sales increased during the quarter
Power utility has been authorized by the National Treasury to search for alternative coal sources
Prices have been falling for the last 45 days
Act dating from the Korean War allows the state to take over key industries
Production decreased sharply during the last nine months
Wyoming mines seem less prepared to face the market
Company bought patent for biocoal that can be used in brown coal power plants
Demand from China is highly responsible for the increase
The project includes coal handling facilities
The new infrastructure is included in the port’s third phase of investment
Prices recover from four-day decrease
Tegeta is responsible for the Koornfontein and Optimum coal mines
South Africa, DRC, and Zambia targeted by the miner
In the first quarter, two of the company's mines reached record production
Company was supposed to make changes to storm water system at local creek
Company is looking for coal to be loaded between 2018 and 2020
Development of two coal blocks in Odisha attributed by NLC to Adani
Shelley Capito and Joe Manchin want the Senate to recognize the importance of coal-fired power…
Methane drilling will provide extra revenue and make coal mining safer
Eskom is diverting coal to the more stressed power plants
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