Most of coal transported via coastal shipping exits through the ports of Odisha
Company may suffer large loss of potential revenues due to lower production
Company hopes to benefit from last year's restructure
Production in the country ended the year with 24-month high
New equipment will help reduce the losses of the company
FirstEnergy was trying to sell a plant between merchant and regulated utilities
South West Port lost its coal handling consent
Idea is being discussed inside the Modi administration
The Trans-Baikal was a hub for international trade in 2017
Country is home to large and untapped coal reserves
Mechanism will be implemented on April 1
Company secured a contract for development and operation of a coal mine in Chhattisgarh
Cold weather and supply constrains drive prices in the spot market
Day-ahead power contracts climb in the same session
Company handled its first million tons of the year
Polish port ships mostly to other Baltic ports and Western Europe
Company allowed to handle vessels already heading to Mormugao, Goa
Thermal coal output increased during the same period
Company received reassurance from the British gov't over subsidies
Protesters try to influence decision of Queensland gov't over loan for railway system connecting to…
End of custom duty could ease pressure of higher prices in the seaborne market
Several projects are expected to increase coal's share in the power mix
2017 was a profitable year for the port
2017 was a profitable year for the country
2017 was a profitable year for the port
Companies want to export blended coal through the Port of Taman
Officials are showcasing technology and expertise from Silesia
Warning comes from Gopal Singh, chairperson of the company
Company expects production to be in line with last year
Several coal-fired power plants have been earmarked for closure this year
Domestic companies are producing more coal and optimist regarding prices
Company stroke a deal to supply Fukushima's coal-gasification power plants
Figures for the recently-sold Curragh coal mine
Selwyn District Council was trying to limit truck movement
New targets have already been set for 2018
Several coal-fired power plants have been closed in the state, with more closures already announced
Government is changing the conditions with coal miners, trying to increase its revenue
Prices remained unchanged across the nation
SA Energy Coal will become a standalone company in April
Prices were increased for several grades in the last few weeks
Coal mining by Vinacomin helped with the result
2017 was a profitable year for the port
New commission tasked with review coal blocks earmarked in 2014
Coal prices more than double in two years
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