The company operationalized a 44-km long railway track in Chhattisgarh
Coal inventories at northern facilities have increased
To consumers, coal is already being sold at a minimum of KZT 14 thousand
The last contract for local coal producers was in June
Facility is now able to handle 500 thousand tons of coal per month
Loy Yang A’s production tanked by nearly 40% versus two years ago
Coal output dropped versus the same period the previous year
Last month, the company’s supplies to the power sector fell over 20%
The company is aiming to divert some of the traffic from the overrun eastern ports
The sales process is expected to be completed on October 18
Metallurgical coal production dropped over 20%
Group has yet to release a tender for its coal transport from the mine
Company considering bidding for Prairie Mining in Australia
Company states that coal demand is growing in Southeast Asia
Company seeks to reduce its exposure to coal
Company’s CPP facility requires about 17 thousand tons of coal per day
The company reported lower quarterly production volumes
Transshipment of dry bulk cargo contracted year-on-year
Prices have shifted across the nation
Prices could rise up to EUR 65 per megawatt hour
Facility provided energy to the nation for fifty years
Company expects to gain a minimum of EUR 1.2 billion for each gigawatt of early-closed…
The European Commission seeks to establish a Just Transition Fund for areas heavily reliant on…
30-year deal will see Laos selling over 2,000 megawatts of capacity
Company will invest in the coal sector in order to preserve its cement business
New legislation will grant exemption from VAT on imported goods regarding coal mining contracts
This month’s imports will fall short of September’s 15.3 million tons
Producers are encouraged to place funds in escrow to ensure orderly closures
Sales during the month barely topped 50,000 tons
Production of iron ore concentrate rose almost 20% year on year
The group was unable to supply at least 60 thousand tons of coal to its…
Company expects to replace its overall coal infrastructure by 2028
Foreign coal purchases reached topped 30 million tons
Utilities in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Gujarat pay nearly INR 5 thousand crore in coal shipments…
Two new coal plants were to be constructed by Marubeni in a cooperation deal with…
The company has allegedly failed to negotiate proper contracts
Daily consumption of energy at coastal plants rose over the same period in 2018
The institution anticipates demand to soften in the long term
Metallurgical coal prices tanked 40%
The U.S Department of Energy plans to fund over 30 projects to boost the nation’s…
Coal used for power production is set to decrease by 14% this year
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