Prices remained unchanged across the nation
Close sources say search for successor has already started
Zimbabwe Power Company will set in place two new units
Company conducted three rounds of e-auctions to the cement, sponge iron, and captive power producers
JSW considers use of autonomous longwall systems
Coal-bed methane project will generate 100 megawatts
Tender was launched by the national utility Tanesco
Company has recently concluded its initial public offer
NTPC will be able to offtake coal on credit
Seven companies will sell coal to five different states
Trading of the company's shares to start on October 23
Peninsular Malaysia is dependent on coal imports
Two parties are currently looking to buy the mine
Power company is preparing a tender for biomass
Production reached nine-month high during September
Revisions were made based on review by the Environmental Quality Council
Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures
Demand in the Pacific has been fueling the rise
Production fell both w-o-w and y-o-y
Power utility has been struggling to keep its power plants operating
Miner is developing the Lesedi project and taking part in another tender
Company wants to change the ownership structure of South Africa Energy Coal
Coal output reaches nine-month high
Ban should be voted by the parliament soon and become effective by 2029
New catalyst allows for less carbon dioxide emissions during the process
Company's debt vastly surpass its cash reserves
Company's collieries in Australia are delivering more coking coal
Lower demand from China brings prices to five-month low
Sales slow down after strong August
Prices fell alongside coal futures
Protests expected as France discusses long-term energy plan
Company struggles to run dual-fuel power plant with only domestic coal
Figures may not be completed and production could be actually higher
Coyote Creek Mining wants to mine coal from an area adjacent to one of its…
Coal availability becomes a more pressing matter as wind generation tanks
Ministry wants the miner to lower its stockpile and help distressed power plants
Power utility says it will claim damages if coal phase-out is carried out abruptly
Federal approval process restarted for the coal terminals in Washington
Forecast revision following court suspension of the Hambach lignite project
Company's thermal coal production in South Africa declined during the quarter
Sindh gov't confident that coal projects will attract new investments
Prices came down over weaker coal futures
Korea Coal Association is worried with sustainability of Korea Electric Power Corporation
Commission to happen six months ahead of schedule
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