Estimated coal production was higher than the previous week
Contracts for heavy earth moving equipment have been finalized
It is the first domestic coal port to build the Beidou CORS system
Its sales grew by over 120 percent month-on-month
A 23-kilometer coal conveyor is being constructed in Sakhalin
Data covers the energy mix for power plants during the first semester of 2020
Figures last month registered the second-lowest total in the last four years
This move affects Australia, one of China’ biggest coal and gas suppliers
Coal demand from steam power plants is projected to significantly drop
The project will integrate one of the largest coal deposits in the world
The new installation efficiently solves coal loading issues
A pilot plant will be installed at a coal site in Pennsylvania
The cost-effective technology helps the industry meet emission standards
The Coal India subsidiary aims to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions
Initial works and underground tests are being implemented
Coal production in the state was already decreasing prior to the pandemic
The announcement was made on September 18
This week, more than 30 coal mines in Yulin city registered price hikes
The state asked for a three month delay due to unfavorable market conditions
It aims to be a global supplier of Canadian coking coal
The company is currently purchasing coal from state mines
Prices remained stable across the nation
The CIL subsidiary is preparing for the anticipated surge in demand
It aims to increase coal reserve capacity to nearly 7 million tons
The modernized coke oven battery improves production capacity
It intends to ramp up production as coal demand picks up
Since September 7, coal prices have increased by nearly 18 percent
GE has been under pressure from its investors to cut back on coal investments
The amount of cargo shipped fell by 1.77 million tons
The Russell Vale mine aims to extract to 3.7 million tons of coal
About 75,000 tons of coal from Invest-Uglesbyt were transported
The deal aims to develop South Sumatra’s transport system and economy
A new company has taken over Murray Energy’s assets
The country’s only active coal mine finally opens after closing since June
The investment aims to reduce the company’s carbon footprint
Fluctuating global coal prices caused a decrease in domestic and export supply
The company is now the most profitable enterprise in China’s coal industry
The admnistration of the Soviet-Gavansky municipal district has invalidated the resolution
Estimated coal production was lower than the previous week
Its first stage of construction has been completed
Export volumes decreased since April due to the coronavirus pandemic
Domestic coal rates have rebounded after declining sharply in July-August
The country’s coal production slightly increased year-on-year
The first phase is expected to bring 900,000 tons of coal per year
Problems in wind and nuclear power generation led to insufficient supply
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