Allowances are now close to a 10-year peak reached in September
Figures for the first 10 months of 2018
Advanced coal production capacity with higher share
Number of plants operating at super-critical low-levels of coal stock falls
Trading in Europe represented most of the market
Exports rise as the country faces surplus domestic output
Company will sell stake in two coal mines in Australia
Slow demand for China not enough to cool down the market
Prices increased compared to the previous quarter
India and other Asian continues to propel global demand
Imports will result in higher power tariffs
Even as situation improves, government searches for ways to boost supply
Record supply of coal replenishes the stockpile of coal-fired power plants in the country
Higher supply has improved the stockpile of thermal power plants across the country
VostokCoal is building the Chaika coal terminal to serve the Northern Sea Route
Company wants to achieve triple-digit production in million tons
Country wants to produce more coal to boost steel industry
Imports tank as the country improves domestic supply
Higher-than-expected prices boosted budget in the past year
Bulk handling at the port increased from the equivalent period of 2017
Russian terminal is the largest in the European side of the country
Domestic energy security threatened by export competition
Khanye Colliery was officially inaugurated with the present of gov't officials
Power units were down after planned and unplanned outages
Russian accounts for almost two-thirds of Ukraine's anthracite imports
Company is trying to close gap between future demand and supply
Companies will have to install carbon capture technology or close
New projects no longer required to have carbon capture and storage technology
Power plant is located in Kilialana, Lamu County
Weak demand from China pushes prices down
Gov't wants to see more long-term supply contracts
Market is confident on Beijing's plans for economic development
Development bank will abandon exceptions on countries such as Poland, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan
Kohn cited personal reasons for the decision
Funds will instead be concentrated on environmental-friendly development projects
Figures for April-November 2018
Value of imports rose faster than volume due to higher prices
Strike may paralyze rail system that connects the Bowen Basin to the coast
City was hub for laundering coal produced in North Korea
Production will end on December 31 this year
The Council has welcomed the final decision of the Competition Authority
The company is also increasing production at the site
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