Despite mining revenues remaining depressed during April, mineral sales displayed some increases
More renewable power stations are entering the market
New document stated the importance of coal in power generation
Additional coal cargo will be arriving from the New Mangalore Port
Stocks have risen back up despite past-week low
Decrease in fossil fuel value is already affecting the country’s mining operations
Unattractive export values stagnate sales
The country’s main supplier of thermal coal to continues to be Russia
Deluge troubles the company’s delivery and production
Europe Power’s energy prices stayed balanced despite high demands
Asian coal prices have been under pressure during recent weeks
Country hits its lowest coal prices since two years ago
Company now buys electricity from fellow group
Critics argue value estimates are based on outdated costs of imported coal
Indian company finally receives green light for the long delayed project
The kingdom broke its record for solar power use
Country plans on tightening funds given to the fossil fuel groups
The fleet is readying future cargo deliveries to points of the Vilyui River
Australian assets seem to be the most sure-fire target for CIL
Company’s power prices have contracted amid damp weather in the region
Despite President Trump’s support, the fossil fuel faces some troubling times
The company’s shares showed some decreases
Some companies have increased pollution rather than curbing it
Nationwide prohibit of smoky coal threatened by legal action
After closing last year, the former coal-fired power station has been acquired by a new…
Imports showed some increase when compared to previous months
This new accord will help re-fund the Lake Charles Chemical Project
Company to be responsible for new equipment supply and installation
Weak European demand causes coal prices to drop
US-China trade war rendered ore demand even more erratic
Updated port activity regarding the two biggest Pakistani ports
Overall results appear to be positive in the first five months of 2019
Country’s base power coal price dropped sightly during the past week
Facility struggles due to skewed pricing structure and the acute foreign currency shortages in the…
Company’s board approved the sale of its biggest power facility
The index reflects the coal price levels and changes in the main production areas of…
Oversupply proves a challenge for the country’s coal sales
Move comes in line with government decision to phase out remaining coal-fired power plants
Prices suffered some changes across the nation
Company plans on buying foreign assets to meet domestic fuel demands
The US coal market has been volatile and could affect dry bulk shipping
The volume of cargo transported remained mostly unchanged year-on-year
Second phase should double the terminal’s capacity
Equipment developed by Uralmashplant will be put in operation at the Russian site
Final destination of the company’s assets may influence its sales value
Company appeals to local court for the denial on new coal mine construction
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