New regulation will force the company’s Maasvlakte 3 coal plant to close or utilize a…
Company cited high maintenance costs and unsustainable energy generation as the main reasons for the…
Coal sales to third parties in 1Q2020 remained roughly at the previous quarter's level
The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment has deemed the project approvable
Company has faced reduced sales due to the softer economic activity caused by the COVID-19…
Cabinet approved liberalization of coal mining by removing eligibility conditions for the private sector
Most of the cargo shipped during this period was coal
Revenues fell on reduced coal prices caused by the COVID-19 outbreak
Consolidated revenue surpassed 6 thousand crore
Company’s gross profit surged to over USD 20 MILLION
Output fell on reduced prices and the COVID-19-related lockdown
Sites will be auctioned based on the revenue share they offer to the government
Bank seeks to support customers phasing out the usage of coal in energy generation
However, cost declines are expected for the second quarter of the year
Steel production significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic
Coal India has been urged to develop a deal with energy companies regarding the domestic…
Value fell from what was initially agree due to the coronavirus pandemic
Company seeks to keep the facilities running until at least 2030
Over INR 40 thousand crores will be invested to establish infrastructure facilities for the group
Losing its support may have significant implications for these groups
Company has urged its shareholders to exercise their sell-out rights as early as possible due…
The COVID-19 pandemic and is subsequent lockdown have driven the company’s output volumes down
The actions taken by world leaders to combat the deadly coronavirus have caused a precipitous…
Company will convert the site into a gas-fired power generation plant
During the first quarter of 2020, average PJM West day-ahead power prices retracted year-on-year
Company seeks to enhance its Brevini Motion Systems division’s role in the mobile market
Over 30 million tons of coal were imported in the fourth month of the year
Project set to generate over 10 million tons of saleable coal per annum during its…
Joint auctions of bauxite and coal mineral blocks have also been introduced to reduce dependence…
Company will own and operate the air separation, gasification, syngas clean-up, utilities and methanol production…
The drop in coal transshipment led to an overall decline in cargo turnover
The port wants to attract more cargo and business
However, improvements are expected for the following six months
China using Australian resources to boost its post COVID-19 economy
Company sought to auction over half of its record-high supplies by May-June
NGT had earlier approved the action of part of the over 30 lakh metric tons…
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