Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures
Colder and less windy weather may further improve prices in the short-term
Generation reaches lowest level since the end of 2016
Pakistani company wants competitive bidding to secure the best possible rates
Prices declined on a year-on-year basis
Miners in Indonesia are forced to sell a quarter of their coal production at stipulated…
Power plants already stopped this week due to nationwide strike
Assessment indicates that the project is worthy of further exploration and development
Company's revenue and coal production also rose during the quarter
Figures for the third quarter of 2018
Higher prices are creating constrains on new coal-fired power projects, possibly capping future demand
Rainy season affects coal production in Mpumalanga
More coal was imported during April-October 2018
Company remains focused on coal in spite of oil, gas, and power generation endeavors
Reference prices in the country have been falling since August
Adani plans to create a spur railway connecting the mine with Aurizon's network
Phil Tagami was trying to set a coal export terminal on the former Oakland Army…
Company has already been using Damen tugs at Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal
Company's CEO has also appealed to alternative uses of domestic coal
Electricity demand forces the company to burn through its stockpile
Forecast from the Bank Indonesia for South Sumatra
Coal India has been diverting fuel to power plants
Company is engaged on coking coal exploration on the Chinook Properties
Prices reach 3-month low
Export and import cargo volumes declined year-on-year
Ngô Sơn Hải, deputy general director of Vietnam Electricity, said
Exports will not reach the 2016 high this year
Company will supply equipment and services to Thar Energy
Sindh gov't was trying to concede thousands of acres to Lakhra Coal Mining
Funding includes pre-payment of coal offtake deal, equity investment, and finance facility
Ministry of Economic Affairs set less bold target
DTEK Energy is trying to cut its reliance on coal imports
Company's coal stocks have come down
Bank is confident on demand from China as the winter approaches
Divestment is part of larger asset sale program
Port blended lower and higher grades of Indian coal for the first time
Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures
Spot prices for the Asia-Pacific region reach six-month low
Less rain could improve supply, but other trends are at play
Contractor will provide equipment and maintenance services
Transportation bottlenecks in Shanxi cause prices to increase
Company also posted lower revenue for the quarter
Coal gasification project to be set in Peranap coal mine, Indonesia
Municipality will increase the coal-free area by more than fourfold
Aluminum makers forced to go to the spot and seaborne markets
Company's EBITDA decline while its revenue increased
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