The country said that it has stepped up environmental and safety checks on foreign cargoes
Supplies from Russia and Colombia fell year-on-year
The government has stated that reports on coal bans are untrue
Chinese customers are returning to the market
Data for the week ended February 16
Exports to the Ukraine showed a large yearly expansion in volume
The company has appointed a new CEO
The company is planning the closure of other facilities as well
The company has not disclosed the reasons for the closure
Glencore’s move is now further pressuring the company
The country has banned imports of Australian coal
State of Queensland faces potential flooding
The company has reached an agreement with its investors
Data for the week ended February 20
Production and export volume to remain stable in 2019
The government has also ordered the shuttering of older coal-powered facilities
The company says federal policy is to blame for the closure of the plant
A government official calls for growth in domestic coal market
Thermal coal market remains bearish in Europe
Indian company set new parking area in the region
Funds will provide for workers' payments and working capital
Hydro and coal-fired power generation may be combined
Forecast made by Adani Enterprises
No development expected before the May federal elections
Wind and solar power offered for competitive prices in the market
Activist shareholders drive the company to focus on battery metals
Captive power producers able to sell a quarter of their output in the open market
Coal prices decline except for Northern Appalachia
Imports surged compared to 2016 and edged slightly over 2017
Several rail cars were dropped into the St. Louis River
Terminal is located in the Kerch Strait, between the Black and Azov seas
Alton coal tract lease was approved together with two modifications for the Sufco mine lease
Long delays on customs clearances drive buyers way from Australian coal
Company's revenue and earnings surpassed that guidance
Coal will power the growing cities of India, says World Coal Associatin
Company will stay away from new coal-fired power projects and sell thermal coal mines
Germany's coal phase-out and court decision in New South Wales responsible for gloomy sentiment
Russia remained the biggest supplier
Several factors could drag down growth during the year
Coal imports declined in January 2019 alone
Province carries on with shutdown of outdated capacity
Company ended 2018 with positive growth on net income and EBITDA
Coal shortage is one of the factors pressuring distribution companies
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