Spot prices for thermal coal have retracted below long-term agreement costs
Company had agreed with its main creditors that these would not demand early repayments
Revenues fall on lower coal prices and higher fuel costs
Mongolian-Chinese border closure to continue pressuring the company’s sales and cash flows in the first…
Unusually long monsoons drove the company’s output levels down during the first half of the…
Costs declines in late-March due to the reduced Chinese demand
China’s domestic coal supplies had fallen amid the coronavirus outbreak
Site had been plagued by roof falls for over a year
Companies have followed RBCT’s measured regarding the nationwide lockdown
The group’s other mine in Australia will continue its production
Both coal and cement loadings decreased during this period
Coal and mineral-related activities have been exempted under the Disaster Management Act
Low volatile metallurgical coal sales surged on the year
Nearly 20 gigawatts of under-construction coal capacity will be developed by Chinese manufacturers
Coal mining operations and transports have been deemed as essential services during the lockdown period
Group would no longer support companies not complying with pre-established emission agreements
The commodity is set to become less commercially viable on higher emission taxes
Chinese coal consumption is inching closer to its 2019 levels
Eskom’s thermal coal miners and exporters will still operate during this period
The price of Australian benchmark Newcastle thermal estimates decline on the year
At some stations, loadings more than doubled or tripled
The company will temporarily cease coal production at its Illinois Basin mines
Proposal was stalled due to the lack of information provided regarding the project
Prices remained stable across the nation
Company’s operations have been placed into care and maintenance following South Africa’s lockdown
2020’s production guidance has also been put on hold
Outsourced workers unwilling to work due to virus concerns and pay guarantees
Seaborne coal imports surpassed 18.42 million tons in March
Company has asked coal miners, transporters and Transnet to continue coal supplies amid the quarantine
Company CEO has cited negative free cash flow at the site as the main reason…
This decrease in activities in the group’s mines has already been taking place in stages
The rail and port logistics infrastructure to support the export of iron ore and coal…
The company will continue coal transshipment for Eskom, exports could be affected
A contingency team will be employed at Drummond’s sites to avoid the movement of workers
Miner required to obtain over 30 thousand hectares of land over the next four years
Coal India’s dispatches to the energy industry fell below 2 million tons
Equipment had been delivered earlier this month
Every year, the group appoints an external agency to evaluate stocks at its mines
Mechel seeks to sell its share in the mine to reduce its debt burden
Production volumes are set to fall, marginally boosting unit costs
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