Rates hit their lowest in October since September 2016
The ministry had offered 27 coal blocks for auction for industries including iron & steel,…
The government is tightening control over operations following the coal sector's liberalization
Added capacity will help the company meet its nearly 70-million-ton production goal for 2019/20
Yearly predictions have decreased by up to 2 million tons
Institution has received close to USD 2 million to fund the project
Over INR 40 thousand were earned during 2018/19
The Indian company seeks to participate in coal mining in the Siberian districts of Russia…
The increase goes against the global trend
Company managed to boost coal shipments despite adverse weather conditions
Company believes met coal to be one of its key commodities going forward
Company to sell its six open-pit mines in western Siberia
Voting process has been delayed until January 2020
The government plans to tackle the issue of nonperforming assets (NPAs) as a result of…
Rates are expected to record a single-digit contraction
Equipment will provide remove performance monitoring and diagnostics from its Gurgaon center
Company expects a stagnant production in 2022
Facilities have a combined capacity of nearly 900 megawatts
Contract can be extended for one year depending on performance
Natural gas and renewables set to replace coal-fueled generation in key locations
Higher coal capacity in China and Southeast Asia will not be enough to offset this…
Nation looks to lower debt levels across its utilities
Prices fell due to lower demand from Taiwan
December-loading cargoes received bids of over USD 90 per ton
Lower temperatures are helping keep the coal market profitable
Company has increased production at Canyon’s Khanye colliery, now generating over 2 million tons of…
Under the domestic market obligation, miners are required to sell over 20% of their output…
Investments deemed vital to modernize the country's main energy source for the next 30 years
In June 2018, the supreme court imposed limits on coal imported by Pakistan
The API 2 front-quarter contract was seen last at marginally over USD 60 per ton
Newcastle index has fallen over USD 0.70 on the week
According to specialists, in order to reduce emissions, coal must be washed
Core industries pressured by the nation’s economic slowdown
Company has suffered impairments of over USD 3 million
The company's export volumes dropped on adverse weather conditions in Richards Bay
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