New shipping legislation was introduced granting tax exemption for import ships
Only 5 power projects received loan permits last year
Shovels and dump trucks productivity is up by 15%
New facility is expected to handle 18 million tons of coal annually
The project has received the Council of Ministers of Cambodia approval in May last year
Investments for the mine in 2019 will surpass USD 30 million
Adverse market conditions curbed the group’s coal shipments guidance
The pace of expansion in renewable generation in India will play a crucial role
A third of the region’s power generation comes from coal
Carbon capture upgrades will be made to ensure the site’s viability
The company doesn't plan on investing in an increasingly shrinking market
Final bids ranged from USD 300 to USD 350 million
Ports and energy sites throughout the country are destocking their high levels of coal
Tunnel development would increase the region’s coal exports
Chinese companies have faced rising price volatility in steelmaking raw materials
In FY19, Mozambique operations reached revenues of $206.8 million
Coal industry’s EBITDA to decline over 3% for the next year
Company holds reserves with over 7.3 million tons of coal
The company is implementing a long-term program to enhance environmental safety
Company’s underlying attributable gains have risen above USD 9 billion
Prices have fallen over 20% since May
Ongoing trade disputes between the US and China pressure thermal coal rates
The group entered new coal agreements in order to tackle its production issues
The country approved 141 million tons of new coal mining projects during the first six…
Navajo Transitional Energy will take charge of the company’s debts
Over 45 million tons of coal are expected to be produced from auctioned mines
The growing trend will be dependent on state support
Nevertheless, prices are unlikely to return to the levels seen in early 2019
Exports from Australia haven plunged over 30% since the beginning of 2019
Company adds over 6 billion tons of coal to the “proven category”
Prices remained stable across the nation
Company’s coal production decreased almost 10% year-on-year
Company seeks to receive over 2 million tons of assets
Company has been raising its high-quality thermal coal production
Five coal projects have been completed during 2018-19, with two more started during the present…
Project’s commercial viability would only be possible with over one thousand megawatts of energy
BHP head says overall outlook remains muddled due to these factors
New belt clamps are made from high-grade steel components
During next year, more than 80% of the region’s coal will be washed
Lekima typhoon causing transportation issues in the Bohai sea
Project approved based on an Initial Environmental Examination
Australian authorities tightening coal mine regulations
However, energy generation has risen for the third month in a row
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