Company was tasked with drilling more than 10 lakh meters in 2019/20
Oyu Tolgoi is currently sourcing power from China's Inner Mongolian Western Grid
Prices have shifted across the nation
Nation’s mining investment fell below IRD 60 trillion in 2019
Daily consumption at six major coastal utilities neared 400 thousand tons during the beginning of…
Handling of grain cargo via this route surged strongly over the decade
Only maintenance and repair-related activities have been allowed to continue
Company expects wholesale prices to continue to decrease in 2021
Until December 2019, the company had awarded over 40 million tons of coal through auctions
In the first half of the current fiscal, the coal segment was balanced by robust…
Over USD 50 million were spent to sustain to the company’s fleet
The company will be handling a bulker for mineral exports
Front-quarter API 2 contract rose over USD 1
Company has shifted its focus towards topsoil removal in order to expose coal
Company’s income surpassed INR 1 thousand crore during that same time period
New equipment sales tumbled by double digits
Company profits had declined for the second consecutive quarter in 4Q2019
Company’s profits tanked in 2H2019
Government seeks to remove the limit for special mining licenses
Prices remained stable across the nation
The country aims to offset reduced hydroelectric generation
Nationwide coal imports surged to upwards of 20 million tons in November 2019
Coal-to-gas shift plans and E.U’s climate policies both impacted the decision
Production fell below 150 million tons during this time period
Universal's shareholders were advised to not give a response
Company blames major temporary tax increases for its reduced revenues
Company seeks to mine over 30 million tons of coal per year from central Queensland
Company’s initiative to assign coal blocks for other states to be reviewed as well
Prolonged outage at its Loy Yang A coal-fueled plant drove the group’s profits down
Most deliveries in 2018 were shipped to China
Options include the change towards gas or biomass or its sale
Construction has already started, however investors are yet to secure full financing
The bill will receive further consideration
Several domain projects worth over INR 50 million have been developed to support this project
Over ZAR 200 billion to be invested in the energy utility
2019/20’s expenditures surpassed INR 1 thousand crore
Consolidated revenues nearly reached USD 30 million during the last quarter of the year
Company had signed an agreement with Dyno Nobel to invest in blast technology studies
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