Fund set to curb environmental issues could help extend the life of coal-fired facilities
A review of the country’s mining regulation is in process
New pact will allow Haoua to nominate a new director for MC Mining
New deal was made after a pre-notice inviting tender meeting
Company’s coal energy generation affected by fewer supplies
Government official supports privatization of major companies
The port no longer allows imports for outside of the city or region
Output slipped on a yearly basis
Mining operations to continue during a sale process supervised by court
A preferred bidder is set to be chosen in the upcoming weeks
Company intends to expand its equipment portfolio
Companies will support each other in the handling of coal locally and overseas
Companies choosing natural gas over coal curbs its trafficking
Both units will be shut down three years earlier than expected
Demand in China remains sluggish due to mild temperatures
The prime minister wants renewables to make up the lion's share of the country's energy…
Companies expect to create one of lowest-cost thermal coal suppliers in the US
Company deemed a strong patron to the local government’s treasury coffers
Company plans to increase its thermal generation capacity
The project’s construction is due to start during the 3Q2019
Unexpected geological issues strike the company’s coal suppliers
Coal marketing in the area, disregarding court orders
New site will be extremely similar to the company’s Longwall coal mine
Raise in solar and wind energy generation could already be seen in 2017
Project finally approved after nearly a decade of planning
Company will import coal from Indonesia in hopes to diversify its fuel mix
Company’s plans for a new coal power site are very well received
New presidential rule set to follow the draft released during August 2018
China’s import restriction force country to look for new coal alternatives
Company forced to sell Montana site to cover debts
Company displayed a steady growth during the start of the year
Out of its 28 countries, currently only some seek to remove the fossil fuel from…
The terminal is part of a larger program to develop the Murmansk region’s transport hub
The vessel was designed in collaboration with Japanese shipyards
Prices remained stable across the nation
Funding for coal-fired projects drops as country tries to move to other energy sources
Country will be left with few remaining coal facilities
Improvements at the company’s coal site have been finished
Company plans on shutting down its last coal plant
Shut down energy facility was destroyed in a controlled implosion
Billion dollar investment to revive Australian coal region
Company plans on funding U.S’s research on coal energy production
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