Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures
Prices dropped to three-month low
Company wants to buy land from the Port of Milwaukee
Company is downsizing, with focus on coal trade in Asia
Low lake levels and gas shortage pushes the market to import coal
Unsolicited off-market bid is being analyzed by Stanmore's board
Low demand from China creates bearish outlook for thermal coal prices
Financial constrains comes together with coal shortage to create power crisis
Project for coal terminal in Longview, Washington laid off some of its workers
Company admits cancellation of the Niederaussem L lignite-fired power plant
Coal-fired power generation may be incentivized by lower carbon prices
New report from the International Energy Agency
Imports will remain restricted until at least the end of the year
Coal blocks belong to the Nigerial Coal Corporation
Higher domestic production reduces need for imports
Red spruce is being planted over stretches of reclaimed land to increase carbon dioxide absorption
Company's income with e-auction rises in spite of lower volumes
Warm weather and oil prices push down on coal futures
Recycling may cost the customers for years to come
Two dozen coal-fired power plants have already been closed this year
Signs of vast demand prompt the state to consider a new auction
Power utility is trying to include hard coal on the country's capacity reserve
Office of Fossil Fuel will provide funds under the Coal FIRST program
Phil Tagami, developer, protests the decision
Coal is able to cover larger distances and remain competitive
Country is developing nine new coal-fired power plants
Truck for underground mining precludes electrification of Epiroc AB's entire fleet
Prices boosted by forecasts of colder and less windier
Contracts rose in spite of weaker coal futures
Port was closed due to adverse weather conditions
Company's output has steadily declined in the past years
Overall electricity generation declined in the country
Think-tank will study next decade's coal demand trends
Mine will be part of the November 7th complex
The company will be acquiring new equipment and investing in infrastructure
Figures for April-September 2018
Company benefited from higher exports and average realized price
Half of the country's coal-fired generation capacity to be shut down by 2020
Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures
Colder and less windy weather may further improve prices in the short-term
Generation reaches lowest level since the end of 2016
Pakistani company wants competitive bidding to secure the best possible rates
Prices declined on a year-on-year basis
Miners in Indonesia are forced to sell a quarter of their coal production at stipulated…
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