In August, the country had already recorded 19 consecutive days without coal-power generation
Nation exported over 200 million tons of coal in 2018, according to a government report
Government deems it the most cost-effective energy production solution
Total stocks at four ARA dry bulk terminals fell below 7 million tons
Low demand forces utilities to reduce offtake from its most expensive plants
Country to make use of its major offshore gas fields discovered years ago
The average shipload during the year surpassed 70,000 tons per vessel
Companies seek to further develop a coking coal handling plant priced at over USD 50…
Lower investments fall in line with the bank’s Credit and Market Risk Committee plan
Prices remained stable across the country
The country continues to phase out tax exemption to fossil fuels
Domestic industry expects exports to pass the 40-million-ton mark by the end of the year
State lawmakers seek to shut down the San Juan Generating Station near Farmington
The company is confident on a double-digit production increase by 2023
New unit to be developed by combining coal with high ash content and petcoke
Nation plans to develop Arctic Region’s infrastructure, shipping and mineral mining operations
The government plans to stop coal-fueled energy production by 2038
The public-owned company’s debt had surpassed ZAR 450 million in September
The measure will enable small players to slash production costs, making them more competitive
Imports recorded a double-digit contraction
Rates hit their lowest in October since September 2016
The ministry had offered 27 coal blocks for auction for industries including iron & steel,…
The government is tightening control over operations following the coal sector's liberalization
Added capacity will help the company meet its nearly 70-million-ton production goal for 2019/20
Yearly predictions have decreased by up to 2 million tons
Institution has received close to USD 2 million to fund the project
Over INR 40 thousand were earned during 2018/19
The Indian company seeks to participate in coal mining in the Siberian districts of Russia…
The increase goes against the global trend
Company managed to boost coal shipments despite adverse weather conditions
Company believes met coal to be one of its key commodities going forward
Company to sell its six open-pit mines in western Siberia
Voting process has been delayed until January 2020
The government plans to tackle the issue of nonperforming assets (NPAs) as a result of…
Rates are expected to record a single-digit contraction
Equipment will provide remove performance monitoring and diagnostics from its Gurgaon center
Company expects a stagnant production in 2022
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