The China-US trade war is taking its toll on coal rates
New contract expected to stabilize electricity supply in the mining sector
Twenty of these coal mines hold a total of 1 billion ton coal reserves
Project possesses over 60% of internal return rate
Owner company unable to compete with cheaper natural gas and renewables
Company plans to rely on modern equipment to assure its development
Miners producing above their approved capacity will be sanctioned
Lower overseas prices boost the country’s foreign coal purchases
Adverse weather conditions curbed Australian coal supplies
Weaker demand levels to cause a drop in coal value
Coal miners in the north of the country decreased their sales price
Once completed, 300 thousand tons of coal will be required to fuel the plant
New technology expected to increase the group's production volumes
Punjab State Power Corporation Limited will be responsible for coal washing and transportation costs
The absence of a clear overburden dumping area has disrupted the mine’s progress
The coal sub-index showed the steepest decline from the previous month
Company will invest from USD 80 to nearly USD 110 million in the site
West Virginia judge states that the company could keep its Blackjewel site open for 6…
Company to mine over 100 thousand tons of ROM coal in the area
Metallurgical coke imports recorded a modest expansion
Company expected to supply more coal to energy plants, allowing for an increase in e-auction…
The company, owned by the Navajo Nation, cannot be sued
Company experienced a gross profit of over USD 10 million
Bidders must meet a set of approvals before commencing operations
Company plans to shift investments towards its lower-cost mines
Company looking for a stalking horse bidder
Prices remained stable across the nation
Australian Pacific Coal has been permitted to extract coal from site until 2022
The central government has been asking local coal miners to increase their output volumes
Two million households expected to stop using coal as its main energy source
Company continues to experience strong pricing
The company faced a difficult economic background
A small Indonesian contractor's license was revoked this month
Transaction expected to go smoothly, with no changes to its costumers’ businesses
Major decline in Chinese imports expected for the fourth quarter of the year
Benchmark coal value decreases during the start of August
The company sought to further regain over USD 10 million in longer term environmental costs
Quarterly income rose due to a decrease in fuel and financial costs
Thermal coal revenues were slightly lower when compared to the previous quarter
The necessary capex for green technology would be passed on to consumers
The group’s EBITDA has fallen over 20% during 1H2019
Local government seeks to use the region’s coal deposits
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