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Nov 2018
Low coal prices may attract Indian buyers

Indonesian coal prices have decreased considerably since July


Oct 2018
Indonesia ahead of Australia in race of China's seaborne coal demand

Low-ash and low-sulfur makes Indonesian coal more attractive to Chinese buyers  ...


Oct 2018
Australian coal competes in the African and European markets

Low freight rates allow Australian coal to travel farther without becoming noncompetitive


Sep 2018
Navajo Generating Station closer to shutdown in 2019

Potential buyers lost interest in the power plant  ...


Sep 2018
Coking coal futures increase, foretelling tighter supply in 2020 and 2021

Buyers seem to have accepted that supply will be tighter from now on  ...


Sep 2018
India buyers turn to Indonesian coal

Coal prices have been falling in Indonesia


Sep 2018
India buys more coal from Indonesia sources

Country manages to pay less for coal while prices soar in the seaborne market


Aug 2018
Chines ecoal buyers ditch US shipments

New tariffs make domestic coal more attractive than US imports


Jul 2018
Appalachian coal may be affected by yuan devaluation

Weaker yuan makes it harder for Chinese buyers to acquire seaborne coal  ...


Jul 2018
China, India coal buyers sit on the sidelines

Buyers are waiting to see how the market will evolve  ...


Jul 2018
Glencore, Tohoku negotiations fail leave small buyers without reference point

Many companies such as cement or paper makers relied on the yearly contract as a benchmark


Jul 2018
Thermal coal demand slows down in Asia

Market conditions seen as "confusing" by Indonesian traders


Jun 2018
Indian buyers pay more for coal imports

US and Indonesian coal prices increase


May 2018
Queensland Premier tries to reassure Japanese coal buyers

Buyers are nervous over fight between freighter Aurizon and the Queensland Competition Authority  ...


May 2018
Wallarah 2 coal mine confident on the market

Project manager believes that it will be easier to find buyers for the new mine's coal  ...

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