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Dec 2019
Coal India gets almost USD 8 billion to complete 66 projects

The government is tightening control over operations following the coal sector's liberalization


Nov 2019
Whitehaven invests over USD 100 million in expansion plan

Company also assigned over USD 20 million for the Narrabri mains development project


Nov 2019
Energy production provides Colorado major capital gains

Over 5 million tons of coal were extracted from federal lands in 2018


Nov 2019
Portugal: Less-profitable coal causes losses to EDP

Germany has suffered the highest capital losses throughout Europe  ...


Nov 2019
Centre unlikely to concede Odisha’s coal royalties request

Company as lost large capital sums due to the non-revision of mineral royalties  ...


Nov 2019
SRP struck with capital claim for the early shut down of the Kayenta coal mine

Company will be refuting part of the expanses


Nov 2019
New investment increases Yanzhou Coal Mining capital

New owner will be responsible for over 20% of the Inner Mongolia unit


Oct 2019
TerraCom acquires nearly 20% of Universal Coal

Company purchased stakes in a deal worth over AUD 30 million


Oct 2019
New mining projects to be established in South Africa

Coal and hydrocarbons will provide the government with major capital profit  ...


Oct 2019
South32’s met coal production increases in 1QFY2020

Operations at Illawarra site soared by 30%


Oct 2019
Axis Capital exits Carmichael’s bidding process

Company seeks to reduce its exposure to coal


Oct 2019
Declining coal prices could curb Teck’s revenue margins

Coal has declined to about USD 130 per ton during the past weeks


Sep 2019
Odisha urged to increase coal royalties

Region’s coal fees were last reviewed in 2012


Sep 2019
Edenville Energy to invest in mining equipment upgrades

Company to experience modest capital gains in 1H2020  ...


Sep 2019
Edenvile raises funds to increase Rukwa’s mining activities

The company seeks to acquire new trucks and increase shifts


Sep 2019
Bisichi Mining revenues increase in 1H2019

The company, however, experienced a yearly production decrease of 15 thousand tons


Aug 2019
Yancoal’s coal production grows in 1H2019

Company’s capital gains topped USD 500 million  ...

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