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Jan 2019
Europe sees fall in electricity, carbon, and coal prices

Generalized fall in the January 3 session


Dec 2018
Canada sets coal phase-out schedule

Companies will have to install carbon capture technology or close  ...


Dec 2018
US eases rules on new coal-fired power plants

New projects no longer required to have carbon capture and storage technology  ...


Dec 2018
Nordic Power prices rise, December 11

Higher coal and carbon prices, as well as weather-related issues supported a price hike  ...


Nov 2018
Carbon prices increase, coal prices fall in Europe

Profit margin of coal-fired power plants has improved


Nov 2018
Carbon prices fall in Europe

Coal-fired power generation may be incentivized by lower carbon prices  ...


Nov 2018
West Virginia reclaims old coal mines, turns them into forests

Red spruce is being planted over stretches of reclaimed land to increase carbon dioxide absorption  ...


Nov 2018
Dutch gov't considers earlier closure of coal-fired power plants

Country is trying to achieve its carbon dioxide emission cutting targets  ...


Oct 2018
Coal power generation could resurge in UK if carbon price is lowered

Conclusion belongs to Aurora Energy Research


Oct 2018
Canadian company launches alternative coal plant

Company produces biocarbon from several low-value materials  ...


Oct 2018
Australian gov't mulls support for coal-fired power plants

Support could come in the form of compensation for carbon prices or funds for retrofitting old plants  ...


Oct 2018
Ramaco Carbon submits revised application for Brook coal mine

Revisions were made based on review by the Environmental Quality Council


Oct 2018
Sino-Dutch team finds new way of turning coal into liquid fuel

New catalyst allows for less carbon dioxide emissions during the process  ...


Oct 2018
Ireland increases carbon tax with impact on coal prices

On the long-term, the Irish gov't wants to make further hikes

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