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Jul 2019
Harju County Court starts proceedings on claim filed by Coal Terminal against Tallinna Sadam

Coal Terminal’s bankruptcy was declared during May 2017


Jun 2019
Green Ocean partnership with NSN global for coal handling

Companies will support each other in the handling of coal locally and overseas


Jun 2019
Green Ocean starts deal with NSN Global

Companies start Joint Venture agreement


Jun 2019
Coal India’s output declines

Delay in overburden removal deals slowed the company’s production


Jun 2019
Coal India to offer substantial amounts of coal in spot & forward auctions

Company decided to give additional long-term supply contracts to the non-power sector  ...


May 2019
India government to auction PPAs linked to coal supplies

Sales are expected to help power plants idling due to lack of fuel and power contracts  ...


May 2019
Europe’s power contract values rise amid increasing demand

Cold weather supports increase in energy prices


May 2019
Tanzania: Mbeya coal-powered project approved

The company plans on increasing power generation throughout South Africa


May 2019
Nordic Power’s prices rise on dry weather and high coal demands

Below-average water levels change contract prices


May 2019
Rising coal prices boost energy contracts in Germany

High coal prices lead to an increase in Germany’s power contract rates


May 2019
Nordic Power’s prices rise on dry weather

Low water levels worry hydro-power-dependent region


Apr 2019
Adani Group secures developer, operator contractor for coal mining

Group secured other contracts through open competitive bidding  ...


Apr 2019
Nordic power prices increase, April 18

Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures  ...


Apr 2019
Chinese companies resume Australian thermal coal imports

Analysts are yet unsure if this means sanctions have been lifted


Apr 2019
New coal-linked natural gas contracts leaves the market wondering

Shell, Tokyo Gas inked a supply agreement for natural gas linked to coal, not crude oil


Apr 2019
Eskom contracts coal grades at different prices, loses money

Power utility has contracts with very different price tags  ...


Apr 2019
Shell, Tokyo Gas ink deal on natural gas anchored on coal

Such natural gas supply contracts are normally pegged to oil prices  ...


Mar 2019
Exxaro contracts Concor Infrastructure

Contractor will set auxiliary structures at the Belfast coal mine


Mar 2019
Nordic power prices increase, March 14

Contracts rose on the back of stronger coal futures  ...


Mar 2019
Nordic Power prices fall

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