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Mar 2018
India: private commercial coal mining expected to bring efficiency to the sector

New investments, competition, and technology will improve efficiency


Mar 2018
China approves three new coal mines

Mines are located in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia


Mar 2018
Oracle Partner agrees with Chinese partner development of coal project

Coal project is located in Thar, Pakistan


Mar 2018
Yancoal Australia buys stake at Warkworth mine

Miner acquired stake of Mitsubishi Development  ...


Mar 2018
China: NDRC announces new cuts on coal capacity

Country on road to achieve its five-year plan cuts two years ahead


Feb 2018
Riga’s coal handling to be shifted to Krievu island

A new terminal is being built in the island to harbor the new business


Feb 2018
Tanzania: New railway under construction

It is set to be the new regional gateway


Feb 2018
Agreement signed in Riga after the transfer of coal to Russia

Development of the necessary infrastructure will be completed by autumn this year  ...


Feb 2018
Bogatyr coal mine secures loan from Eurasian Development Bank

Funds will be used to modernize the mine


Feb 2018
SA Chamber of Mines sees future in coal

Fuel is expected to support development and industrialization of South Africa  ...


Jan 2018
Courts confirm termination of contract with Monnet Ispat over coal mine

Company secured a contract for development and operation of a coal mine in Chhattisgarh  ...

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