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Oct 2018
German steel sectors warns against rushed coal phase-out

Sector fears higher electricity prices  ...


Oct 2018
Kibo Energy reviews tender for electricity in Tanzania

Tanesco is asking for coal and gasification technology for new power plants


Oct 2018
World Bank backs off thermal power project in Kosovo

Financial institution says renewables would be cheaper


Oct 2018
Power utilities turn to coal imports amid rising demand, India

Higher coal prices and weak Indian rupee make imports more expensive


Oct 2018
Spot electricity prices continue to rise in India

Power plants, faced with coal scarcity, unable to keep with growing demand


Sep 2018
Electricity prices rise in India as power plants face coal shortage

Spot power prices are now a nine-year high


Sep 2018
Power prices surge in India over coal shortage

Demand for electricity starts to rise as the monsoon season fades away  ...


Sep 2018
Electricity prices rise in Europe, boosted by coal contracts

Several electricity and coal contracts reached new record rates  ...


Sep 2018
Coal prices put pressure on Germany's electricity market

Other factors include emissions and gas prices

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