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May 2020
Colombia: Cerrejon boosts operations following COVID-19 related cuts

Company’s 1Q output declines on the year


Apr 2020
Pennsylvania seeks to slash emissions with carbon tax

Several statewide coal-fueled plants would be priced out of the market


Apr 2020
Bruks Siwertell wins coal unloader contract to new power plant

Company sales manager reveals that proper environmental performance was their top priority  ...


Apr 2020
South Africa’s government calls for investments in carbon capture technologies

The commodity is set to become less commercially viable on higher emission taxes


Mar 2020
India’s NGT agrees on coal auction from Meghalaya

A temporary deposit will be established for safer and environmentally sane coal transportations  ...


Feb 2020
Trump administration recommencing coal leasing on public territory

Bureau of Land Management found no major changes from removing the break on new coal contracts


Feb 2020
NTEC and U.S government reach immunity deal

Federal rules will now be imposed on the tribal company's mines


Feb 2020
Insurers are restricting their exposure to fossil fuels, says Moody’s

Companies are stepping back from coal due to environmental concerns  ...


Feb 2020
Anglo Pacific to no longer invest in thermal coal

Company seeks to pursue more environmentally-friendly alternatives  ...


Feb 2020
NETL seeks to make coal-fueled plants more efficient and environmentally friendly

Sites developed under the Coal First initiative will be both smaller and cheaper when compared to more standard facilities


Jan 2020
Siemens to go forward with Adani’s rail infrastructure deal

Company, however, retains the right to remove itself if certain obligations are violated


Jan 2020
Coal industry pressured by old facilities and unfavorable market climate

More than 10 gigawatts of coal-fueled power were retired last year

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