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Oct 2018
Karnataka, India faces coal shortage

Coal availability becomes a more pressing matter as wind generation tanks  ...


Oct 2018
Diesel prices push power utilities to coal, India

Diesel-fired power generation plunged in the third quarter  ...


Oct 2018
Duke Energy makes plans for coal-fired power plant closure

Utility wants to close its thermal plant in Asheville, North Carolina


Oct 2018
China is key on the future of coal-fired power generation

The country, together with other Asian nations, continues to expand its coal-fired power plant fleet


Oct 2018
Alaska builds first coal-fired power plant in the US since 2015

Unavailability of natural gas provides fertile terrain for coal in Interior Alaska


Oct 2018
Coal output in Indonesia reaches close to two-thirds of annual guidance

Domestic sales lag behind due to slowdown on PLN's coal-fired powered generation policy  ...


Oct 2018
Indian power sector struggles with low thermal plant load factor

Capacity additions of coal-fired power generation pushed down plant load factor  ...


Sep 2018
Sabah, Malaysia welcomes use of domestic coal

Malaysia PM said coal from East Malaysia should be used in power generation  ...


Sep 2018
Talks over new Navajo Generation Station collapse

Two companies that engaged on talks over the generation station lost their interest  ...

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