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Sep 2020
Coal share in India’s power generation increases in September

Coal India also reported its first output growth in five months


Sep 2020
Vietnam to remain dependent on coal for electricity generation

Coal still plays an important role in ensuring energy security


Sep 2020
Eneria Poland to supply cogeneration system for JSW mines

The system uses coal mine methane to produce power


Sep 2020
German coal picks up as gas and renewables decline

Lignite-fired power had the biggest share in the energy mix for August


Sep 2020
US coal plants consider seasonal operations amid decline in demand

Coal-fired electricity generation has been competing with other power sources  ...


Sep 2020
Coal association predicts decline in Indonesia’s 2020 domestic coal consumption

Coal demand is estimated to reach only 77 percent of the original target


Aug 2020
U.S. coal-fired power generation surges in June

It reached the highest level of coal-fired generation since December 2019  ...


Aug 2020
U.S. coal stockpiles increase since lowest level in 2019

EIA expects coal share in the electricity generation mix to register further drop  ...


Aug 2020
China’s commercial coal consumption for H1 logs year-on-year decline

Non-fossil energy power generation is slowly growing across the country  ...


Aug 2020
Coal-fired power generation in the US decreased in the first half of 2020

Coal is facing competition against cheaper natural gas sources


Jul 2020
China's demand for coal pushes power plants construction in Pakistan

Asian demand for coal strengthens as developed countries transition to cleaner energy


Jul 2020
Botswana invests in coal-fired power

New licenses for independent coal power producers were granted


Jul 2020
US coal-fired power generation in May

Based on a five-year average, power generation in May registered a deficit  ...


Jul 2020
Qasim power plant generates billions of kwh

The plant has set a new record for annual cumulative power generation  ...


Jul 2020
Germany overtaken by Poland's coal generation

The country is now European Union’s biggest coal generator


Jul 2020
US government to invest in eco-friendly coal power generation

Coal is one of the country’s most abundant natural resources


Jul 2020
Zimbabwe’s coal industry to help unlock country’s economic development

The mining sector is seen as one of the key drivers for the country’s reindustrialization


Jul 2020
Mexican commission purchases 2 million tons of coal for power generation

The move is aimed at supporting domestic coal producers


Jul 2020
Britain used less than 1 percent of coal in electricity generation from April to June

Coal resources were replaced by other renewable sources

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