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Dec 2020
Analysts project downward trend in coal markets amid global crisis

The pandemic, trade disputes, falling prices and volumes are affecting coal outlook


Dec 2020
Pakistan to refrain from investing in new coal-fired power projects

The country aims to contribute in global efforts to fight climate change  ...


Dec 2020
Zimbabwe to strengthen coal sector despite global movement against fossil fuels

The government plans to use the mining industry to drive the country’s economy


Dec 2020
Coronado adds new fleet to increase coal production at Queensland mine

The company has been increasing output to recover losses from this year’s first half


Dec 2020
Polish coal sector faces difficult times but sees hope in China’s increasing demand

Recovering global economies and vaccine availability may help boost coal demand  ...


Nov 2020
Carbon pledges discourage institutions from financing coal projects

Insurance companies, banks and other financiers are pulling out of coal


Nov 2020
China’s reliance on coal to affect its pledge on carbon neutrality by 2060

It is estimated to account for over 50 percent of global coal-fired power in 2020  ...


Nov 2020
Coal demand plunges amid global transition into renewables

Renewable energy capacity has risen significantly due to lower costs


Nov 2020
Greenbank provides auto-controlled units to coal-fired plant in Ghatampur

The environment-friendly units operate at more efficiency while reducing emissions


Nov 2020
UN agency to help seafarers stranded with Australian coal in Chinese waters

The International Maritime Organization is intervening by using its diplomatic channels

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