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Jan 2019
Uniper lifts coal supply warning for Staudinger thermal power plant, Gemany

Improvement in river levels allows the end of the coal supply warning  ...


Jan 2019
RWE lifts warning on coal supply for German power units

Improvement in river levels leads to end of five-month warning  ...


Jan 2019
ENBW lifts coal supply warning for German power units

Company noticed improvement in Rhine's water levels  ...


Dec 2018
Coal inventories improve at Indian power plants

Number of plants operating at super-critical low-levels of coal stock falls  ...


Dec 2018
Supply warning ends for Mannheim coal plant

The Rhine’s river levels are finally rising  ...


Dec 2018
ENBW lifts coal supply warning on Altbach 2 power unit, Germany

Power utility expects improvement in situation thanks to rising river levels  ...


Dec 2018
River levels to rise in Germany, allowing smoother coal movement

Rhine levels will rise above two meters after lingering below 50 centimeters  ...


Nov 2018
Vattenfall issues warning for coal supply in the Berlin region

Coal barging via the Rhine continues to struggle with low water levels  ...


Nov 2018
Rainfall to improve coal barging in Germany

Low levels in the Rhine force coal barges to operate below capacity  ...


Nov 2018
New Zealand's electricity prices cool down with coal imports

Low lake levels and gas shortage pushes the market to import coal  ...


Nov 2018
Coal prices decline in Europe

Prices reach 3-month low


Oct 2018
High coal stocks pressure future prices in Europe

Dutch coal terminals close to full capacity


Oct 2018
Thermal coal futures fall in Europe

Prices to decline further if resistance point is broken


Oct 2018
Coal stockpiles increase at the Dutch ports

Lower river levels difficult barge transportation to inland coal-fired power plants  ...

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