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Oct 2018
Westmoreland Coal secures new loan extension

Miner is trying to devise a restructuring agreement


Aug 2018
Regency Mines enters coal production

Company is part of the joint venture exploiting the Cedar Bluff operation, in Virginia


Jun 2018
Queensland may provide funds to coal mining

Possibility was raised by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk


May 2018
RBS stops financing new coal projects

Bank has also lowered threshold of coal revenue over which companies are barred from asking for loans  ...


Mar 2018
Lenders of Australian coal port agree to extension

Glencore-led infrastructure lending will be extended by almost a decade more


Mar 2018
Wiggnis Island coal terminal secures loan extension

Agreement has been reached but not yet signed by the parties


Mar 2018
Buffalo Coal renegotiates term loan

New terms were agreed with Investec Bank


Mar 2018
Adani seeks new options to refinance coal terminal debt

Looking at alternative sources of funding


Feb 2018
Uttar Pradesh power utilities receive funding for coal mining, expansion

Loan was attributed by the Power Finance Corporation  ...


Feb 2018
Bogatyr coal mine secures loan from Eurasian Development Bank

Funds will be used to modernize the mine


Feb 2018
Aurizon drops application for loan on railway connecting to Carmichael project

Another drawback for Adani's Carmichael coal project


Feb 2018
Vietnam coal-fired project no longer looking for financing in the US

PetroVietnam abandoned its application for a loan by the Export-Import Bank of the US  ...


Feb 2018
Aurizon pulls pin on NAIF loan application

Australia’s largest rail freight company will withdraw its loan application  ...


Jan 2018
Adani faces protests on the Carmichael project

Protesters try to influence decision of Queensland gov't over loan for railway system connecting to the mine  ...


Jan 2018
Mechel gets approval and financing for debt restructure

The company was close to bankruptcy in 2016


Dec 2017
China Construction Bank denies loan to Adani

Financing of Carmichael coal project faces new obstacle


Nov 2017
Adani changes of securing gov't loan decrease with Labour win

Current Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, set to be reelected, pledged to veto a state loan to Adani  ...


Nov 2017
Adani's changes of securing gov't loan narrow

Labour reelection in Queensland with potential impact in Adani's Carmichael coal project funding

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