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Nov 2018
Taiwan gov't says coal phase-out by 2030 unrealistic

Ministry of Economic Affairs set less bold target  ...


Oct 2018
Victoria gov't speeds up coal-to-hydrogen project

Ministry of Planning supplants local administration to approve hydrogen terminal  ...


Oct 2018
India gov't urges power utilities to produce their own coal

NTPC will have a subsidiary dedicated to coal mining


Oct 2018
Indian Coal Ministry reprehends Coal India

Ministry wants the miner to lower its stockpile and help distressed power plants  ...


Oct 2018
Indian gov't calls on miners to increase coal production

Union Coal Ministry is worried with low coal stocks on coal-fired power plants  ...


Sep 2018
Coal India pushes back on production target

Production is not growing as expected due to several supply and demand factors


Sep 2018
JSW asks for gov't approval to acquire Prairie Mining

Acquisition must be approved by the Ministry of Energy  ...


Sep 2018
India's Steel Minister wants end of duty on coking coal

The minister of steel requested the end of the duty to the Finance Ministry  ...


Sep 2018
India's Ministry of Coal to refund Reliance Power

Ministry had forfeited a bank guarantee from Reliance over coal block  ...


Aug 2018
India gov't blames power plants for coal shortage

Coal Ministry says enough supply has been provided by Coal India  ...

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