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Feb 2019
North Korea seeks FDI for coal mining, power generation

Country wants to develop the Chongnam shaft, Anju Area, South Pyongan


Feb 2019
India gov't investments more in coal exploration, less in mining safety

Coal Ministry says coal miners have their own safety budgets  ...


Jan 2019
India's Coal Ministry announces new plans to liberalize market

Other ministries and departments raise issues with the plan


Jan 2019
South Korea to set new rules for coal-fired power plants

Seoul fights fine dust emissions and may give priority to natural gas


Jan 2019
Indian Ministry of Coal focuses on coal production ramp up

Minister stresses increase in production and evacuation


Dec 2018
Indonesia expected to surpassed coal production target for 2018

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources confident that target will be surpassed  ...


Nov 2018
Romania gov't considers grant for coal ash pit expansion

Pit belongs to the Craiova Thermal Power Plant


Nov 2018
Taiwan gov't says coal phase-out by 2030 unrealistic

Ministry of Economic Affairs set less bold target  ...


Oct 2018
Victoria gov't speeds up coal-to-hydrogen project

Ministry of Planning supplants local administration to approve hydrogen terminal  ...


Oct 2018
India gov't urges power utilities to produce their own coal

NTPC will have a subsidiary dedicated to coal mining


Oct 2018
Indian Coal Ministry reprehends Coal India

Ministry wants the miner to lower its stockpile and help distressed power plants  ...


Oct 2018
Indian gov't calls on miners to increase coal production

Union Coal Ministry is worried with low coal stocks on coal-fired power plants  ...

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