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Sep 2020
China pledges carbon neutrality by 2060

This move affects Australia, one of China’ biggest coal and gas suppliers


May 2020
New Myanmar energy plant to commence operations following test runs

Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s government had revealed a proposal for five emergency power projects in June last year


May 2020
Indian Prime Minister urges the coal sector to be brought to international standards

Official highlighted the importance of the nation’s self-reliance in mineral production  ...


Apr 2020
U.S coal production declines in 2020 amid COVID-19 containment measures

Nation’s overall coal output to fall below 600 million tons during the present year, EIA says  ...


Mar 2020
MC Mining suspends its South African coal operations

2020’s production guidance has also been put on hold


Mar 2020
ContourGlobal stops plans for Kosovo coal plant construction

Facility would supply about half of the nation’s energy demand  ...


Mar 2020
South Korea seeks to shut down close to thirty coal plants in March

Temporary closures for plants older than thirty years had also been implemented


Mar 2020
Ukraine seeks to lower its coal imports

President seeks to privatize Centrenergo


Feb 2020
Japan to establish stricter export rules for coal-fueled power facilities

Discussion to plan the nation’s new infrastructure export policies are to be held by the end of the year  ...


Feb 2020
Ukrainian president supports nationwide guaranteed coal market

Coal production volumes surpass the nation’s current sales levels  ...


Feb 2020
Tlou Energy working to finish PPA discussions for its energy project in Botswana

Written confirmation was provided by the nation’s Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security  ...


Feb 2020
Polish miners oppose increase in Russian coal imports

Nationwide coal stocks had surpassed 5 million tons by the end of 2019


Feb 2020
New Indonesian bill to boost coal production’s growth

Nation’s mining investment fell below IRD 60 trillion in 2019  ...


Feb 2020
Botswana’s new coal bed methane-powered facility to come online in 2025

Government seeks to develop the nation’s gas industry  ...


Feb 2020
South Africa's mining production grows in December 2019

Coal output, however, fell over 5%


Feb 2020
China seeks short-term coal deals

Following the extended holidays, production resumed at over 50% of the nation’s coal mines  ...

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