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Jun 2019
Low coal demand, floods disrupt rail traffic in Midwest

Companies choosing natural gas over coal curbs its trafficking  ...


Jun 2019
Coal markets suffer due to economic slowdown

Economic stagnation negatively impacts coal consumption


Jun 2019
Coal transshipments prohibited in Primorsky Krai

Governor shifts duty of clearing river channels to municipalities


May 2019
Russia enacts amendment to curb bulk transshipment pollution

Coal dust added to the list of pollutants


May 2019
Turkey to offer coal mines to investors

Mining sites will be presented to investors all across the country


May 2019
Xcel to retire its last coal burning plants

Company plans on moving away from coal to favor other alternatives


Apr 2019
US: coal prices up; mining companies struggle

Coal prices have gained momentum


Apr 2019
KEPCO, South Korea gov't disagree on coal-fired power generation

Seoul is pushing for natural gas over coal  ...


Apr 2019
South Korea's new policies on coal can hurt Australia's imports

Seoul hikes tax on coal, slashes duty on natural gas  ...


Apr 2019
Cheaper natural gas dent results of US coal miners

Natural gas prices tank to three-year low  ...


Apr 2019
Bank of America downgrades outlook on thermal coal prices

Bank says supply gloat, switch to natural gas are driving coal prices down  ...


Apr 2019
Europe's natural gas prices drag down Australian coal benchmark

Shock-waves of sharp decrease in Europe's natural gas prices reach its antipodes  ...


Apr 2019
New coal-linked natural gas contracts leaves the market wondering

Shell, Tokyo Gas inked a supply agreement for natural gas linked to coal, not crude oil  ...


Apr 2019
Shell, Tokyo Gas ink deal on natural gas anchored on coal

Such natural gas supply contracts are normally pegged to oil prices  ...


Mar 2019
South Korea raises tax on bituminous coal

Gov't has also decided to decrease tax on natural gas  ...


Mar 2019
Vietnam to rely more on coal in the future

Country runs to accommodate rapidly-growing power demand


Feb 2019
Westmoreland Coal gets single bid for the Kemmerer coal mine

Offer was made by the Merida Natural Resources  ...

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