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Mar 2019
Mine developer and operator gains prominence in India's coal sector

Model may come to dominate the Indian coal sector in the coming years


Mar 2019
India's Coal Ministry pursues private commercial coal mining

Ministry is looking for transaction advisers for coal block auctions


Feb 2019
Private coal mining to remain in the drawer in India

No development expected before the May federal elections


Feb 2019
Private equities invested more on coal in 2018

Coal investments surpassed other, more traditional sectors


Jan 2019
India's coal sector in need of a boost

Surge in imports lays bear the lack of capacity of the Indian coal sector


Jan 2019
Germany to protect power consumers from coal-phase out

Private and commercial consumers to be shielded from price hikes  ...


Jan 2019
Turkey achieves record coal production in 2018

Public companies led coal production last yar


Jan 2019
Coal shortage pressures private power plants in India

Pressure will continue during 2019, companies say


Dec 2018
Private companies to be able to sell coal on the commercial market, India

Several blocks to be auctioned, privates will be able to sell a quarter of their production on the open market  ...


Nov 2018
Kazakhstan achieves reduction on coal prices for private citizens and communes

Several MoU signed between local authorities and coal producers


Oct 2018
Lakhra coal-fired power plant (Pakistan) to be rehabilitated

Private investors will enter balancing, modernization, operate, and transfer model  ...


Oct 2018
Turkey transfers coalfields to private companies

Seven coal blocks have been transferred to private companies  ...


Oct 2018
Turkey transfers ownership of seven coalfields

Coalfields were transferred to private companies in hopes of improving the power sector performance  ...


Oct 2018
Allegiance Coal increases capital to fund Telkwa coking coal project

Company announced a private placement during September  ...


Sep 2018
Indian gov't stalls process to open commercial coal mining to privates

Nothing has been done since the rules were changed to allow it


Aug 2018
Minergy starts works at Masama coal mine, Botswana

Coal mine will be the first private one in the country  ...


Aug 2018
India: private power producers complain of price differences between sectors

Power utilities want Coal India to increase its coal offer


Jul 2018
Private power producers want suspension of coal e-auctions, India

Producers accuse Coal India of diverting coal to e-auctions

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