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Mar 2019
Chinese coal companies improve profitability

Figures for major coal producers during 2018  ...


Feb 2019
Captive coal mines given access to open market, India

Captive power producers able to sell a quarter of their output in the open market  ...


Feb 2019
Share of coal exports in overall output reaches 60-year high in the United States

Producers turn to exports as domestic demand fades away  ...


Jan 2019
NSW coal producers say sector's revenue could increase, call for "clear strategy"

Sector claims to be the single largest export industry in the state


Jan 2019
Norwegian gas companies eye post-coal Germany

Countries plans to phase-out coal read as a "signal" for investment by Norwegian gas producers  ...


Jan 2019
Coking coal prices remain stable in China

Fall in coke prices leads to lower margins for coke producers  ...


Dec 2018
Coal prices affect cement production in India

Producers in Telangana struggle to maintain their margins  ...


Dec 2018
Aurizon strike could impact coal producers in Australia

Strike may paralyze rail system that connects the Bowen Basin to the coast


Nov 2018
Kazakhstan achieves reduction on coal prices for private citizens and communes

Several MoU signed between local authorities and coal producers  ...


Nov 2018
Australian power producers compete for coal with the export market

Long-term contracts protect some trades, but many will end in 2022


Oct 2018
India gov't relaxes rules on captive coal mining

Union tries to attract more bidders to coal block auctions


Oct 2018
Coal India sells fuel to captive power plants

Company conducted three rounds of e-auctions to the cement, sponge iron, and captive power producers  ...


Oct 2018
Malaysian power producers struggle with coal prices

Peninsular Malaysia is dependent on coal imports

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