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Sep 2020
NLC India logs profits increase for Q1 FY2020-21

The company also reduced its coal output target for the current fiscal  ...


Jul 2020
US coal exports in May fall to its lowest in 4 years

Exports to key markets have significantly reduced  ...


Jun 2020
Coronavirus infections among Polish coal miners decline

Officials say the pandemic situation in Polish coal mines is under control


May 2020
Peabody to temporarily close its Wambo underground thermal coal mine

Company has faced reduced sales due to the softer economic activity caused by the COVID-19 pandemic  ...


May 2020
Adaro Energy’s profits decline in 1Q2020

Revenues fell on reduced coal prices caused by the COVID-19 outbreak  ...


May 2020
Colombian coal production declines in 1Q2020

Output fell on reduced prices and the COVID-19-related lockdown  ...


May 2020
Spot prices for thermal coal fall due to low demand

Positive costs to return post COVID-19


May 2020
TMAC Resources 1Q mine production surpasses 1.5 thousand tons per day

Company has reduced its operations in response to COVID-19 in order to provide a safe working environment and manage resultant business risk  ...


May 2020
U.S coal-power production falls to its lowest in decades

Coal has been driven out by gas-fueled plants, wind power and reduced electricity demand  ...


May 2020
Coal throughput at North Queensland registers monthly rise in April 2020

Volumes declined on the year due to reduced global demand caused by the COVID-19 pandemic  ...


May 2020
Australian thermal coal prices fall in March 2020

Mining companies have already acquired their annual supply contracts


May 2020
Indonesia lowers coal prices due to COVID-19 outbreak

Costs have fallen below USD 70 per ton


May 2020
Coal India’s supplies to the energy industry decrease in March due to reduced coal demand

Company has moved its focus to overburden removal


May 2020
Balkan states would suffer higher costs if their coal phaseout is delayed, study says

Coronavirus pandemic has driven market energy prices down

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