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Jul 2019
Powder River Basin to take the most damage from declining coal demand in US

Power plants across the country are under pressure due to low demand


Jul 2019
Blackjewel's CEO to step down

The move is part of the company's bankruptcy deal


Jun 2019
Low coal demand, floods disrupt rail traffic in Midwest

Companies choosing natural gas over coal curbs its trafficking


Jun 2019
Court sets date for Cloud Peak's coal mines sale

Company forced to sell Montana site to cover debts


Jun 2019
Dairyland Power shuts down coal plant due to flooding

Company now buys electricity from fellow group


Jun 2019
LORP fleet single-handedly satisfies Amginsky district need for coal

The fleet is readying future cargo deliveries to points of the Vilyui River  ...


Jun 2019
Yenisei River Shipping to export over 220,000 tons of coal from Kokuy deposit

The company has signed an export contract for 2019


Jun 2019
Coal transshipments prohibited in Primorsky Krai

Governor shifts duty of clearing river channels to municipalities  ...

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