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Feb 2018
Europe buys more coal from the United States in 2017

France, Italy and Germany imported more US coal last year


Feb 2018
United States, Ukraine engage in diplomacy over coal

Coal exports from the United States to Ukraine are both a necessity and a diplomatic move  ...


Feb 2018
Coal output, exports increases in the United States during 2017

Domestic demand decreased during the year


Feb 2018
United Staets exports more coal to Poland in 2017

Poland faced a coal shortage as local miners failed to meet their targets


Feb 2018
Coal production in the US, February 4-10

Output fell both y-o-y and w-o-w


Feb 2018
Wyoming, Utah consider paying legal fees on coal cases against coastal states

Washington and California are the states targeted by the lawmakers  ...


Feb 2018
Coal prices in the United States, February 9

Prices remained unchanged across the nation


Feb 2018
US to remain net exporter of coal

EIA believes that coal exports will remain stable due to competition by other markets


Jan 2018
Coal production in the United States, January 14-20

Output increases w-o-w while falling y-o-y


Jan 2018
United States' coal exports turn from the Atlantic to the Pacific

Demand grows faster in the Pacific market


Jan 2018
Energy Department defends coal use after deep freeze

Department official says cold storm faced by the United States tested the grid, with coal demonstrating its reliability  ...


Jan 2018
Hampton Roads export more coal in 2017

Throughput at the port surged above the increase in exports by the United States  ...


Jan 2018
2018 brings wave of coal-fired power plant closures in the United States

Several coal-fired power plants have been earmarked for closure this year


Jan 2018
Seaborne coal trade rises in 2017

United States exports had a strong performance, while Australia ones declined  ...


Jan 2018
Coal exports in the US to fall significantly in 2018, 2019

Forecast made by the Energy Information Administration


Jan 2018
Coal production on the US, December 24-30

Output falls during the holiday season

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