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Apr 2018
Coal shortage may trigger surge in power tariffs, India

As the summer approaches, situation will be aggravated  ...


Apr 2018
Maharashtra fears coal shortage in the summer

Several state power plants are already running at critically-low levels of coal inventory


Apr 2018
Vostochny Port switches system of irrigation for coal storage

Equipment has been set to summer operation mode  ...


Apr 2018
Indian power producers expects higher margins in the summer

Lack of coal supply continues to threaten realizations


Mar 2018
Texas fears power shortage with coal-fired power plant closures

State is expecting record high power demand for this summer  ...


Mar 2018
India gov't pushes for higher coal supply ahead of summer

Summer promises to come earlier and with more heat than usual  ...


Oct 2017
Karnataka, India to import coal at higher cost

State wants to ensure supply for the summer  ...


Oct 2017
Coal production slows down in the United States

Rally which started in summer 2016 is now slowing down  ...


Aug 2017
Thermal coal prices ease, but further hikes should be expected

Prices may rise again in late September, as winter approaches


Jun 2017
NDRC asks coal miners to boost production

China's state planner wants to ensure enough supply for the summer  ...


Jun 2017
EMO BV conveyor belt system on its way

EMO is now renewing the conveyor belt system


Jun 2017
Chinese coal futures see renewed interest

Warmer-than-expected summer push movements in futures' market up  ...


May 2017
Ramaco waits for decision of Brook coal project, Wyoming

Decision will not be known before midsummer  ...


May 2017
Taimyr aims high on export numbers

High forecasts aim for Summer this year  ...


May 2017
First seaborne coal from Amaam North expected in the summer

Tigers Realm Coal continues to develop the project

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