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Feb 2019
German coal phase-out will not strand assets from utilities

Guarantee was made by Moody's


Jan 2019
Coal inventories decline in Dutch terminals

As water levels rise, power utilities barge coal inland  ...


Jan 2019
German utilities restart coal-fired power plants after maintenance works

Several coal-fired power units to be reignited on the next two days


Dec 2018
Uk's coal imports rise in October

Imports reached nine-month high as power utilities replenish inventories  ...


Dec 2018
China National Coal Group inks long-term supply agreements

Coal prices will be adjusted every month


Nov 2018
Coal prices may increase power tariffs in Poland

Gov't, state regulator, and power companies look at 2019 tariffs


Oct 2018
Malaysian power utilities struggle with coal prices

Peninsular Malaysia is dependent on coal imports


Oct 2018
India gov't urges power utilities to produce their own coal

NTPC will have a subsidiary dedicated to coal mining


Oct 2018
Diesel prices push power utilities to coal, India

Diesel-fired power generation plunged in the third quarter


Oct 2018
Power utilities turn to coal imports amid rising demand, India

Higher coal prices and weak Indian rupee make imports more expensive


Oct 2018
High coal prices pressure power utility to look for alternatives in Europe

Power utilities that invested in renewable energy in better position  ...


Oct 2018
High coal prices in Europe push utilities to alternative power soruces

Renewables and natural gas become more attractive to European power utilities  ...


Oct 2018
Union gov't wants state power utilities to produce their own coal

West Bengal power utility could become independent if it exploits all its coal blocks


Oct 2018
Coal imports increase in India, August 2018

Power utilities import more coal as domestic supply declines  ...

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