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Apr 2018
FGC’s cargo volumes drops in first quarter

Coal was the most shipped product during the period


Apr 2018
Aurizon releases new coal wagons

Equipment will allow export pace to quicken


Apr 2018
Aurizon acquires new coal wagons

Wagons have been deployed at the Port of Newcastle  ...


Jan 2018
Russia: Port Vysotsky’s throughput increases

2017 was a profitable year for the port


Dec 2017
Russia: Oktyabrskaya Railway reaches maximum number of wagons stationed

The record was broken on December 20th


Nov 2017
Indian gov't to impose covered coal transport

Government wants to cover wagons and trucks to avoid air pollution  ...


Nov 2017
Ust-Luga’s throughput increases

The first 9 months of the year were profitable for the port


Nov 2017
DB Cargo UK introduces new HRA aggregate hopper wagons

Rail freight operator DB Cargo UK is working with Axiom Rail and WH Davis to convert 110 HTA coal hoppers into new state of the art HRA aggregate hopper wagons  ...


Sep 2017
Kandalaksha seaport’s coal has increased nearly threefold

Exports have increased compared to last year


Aug 2017
Russia: Coal unloading per shift record is taken at Eastern Port

The specialized coal complex set a new record


Aug 2017
Vostochny coal mine to set new CHPP

Coal transportation continues to be a problem for the mine


Jul 2017
Coal exports via Rosterminalugol hit milestone

The port says it has exported a record amount of coal


Apr 2017
Russia: Vostochny Port JSC throughput grew in Q1

In January-March 2017, the port handled 6 percent more YoY


Apr 2017
Rosterminalugol announces record-high coal shipment

The largest dedicated coal port in the Baltic region hit a new high score


Mar 2017
Russia: Post-panamax Rosterminalugol ship breaks coal batch record

The company says it has loaded the largest batch of coal in the company history

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